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Our Inspiration

The concept for BoomBoom Prints was born, like most great ideas, out of a practical need. As the parents of young children, BoomBoom’s founders scoured stores and websites far and wide to find artwork that would match the look and color scheme they were going for in their nurseries. But to no avail. Either the artwork was off putting or the color combinations failed to match the design scheme we they were going for.

Then inspiration hit. What if there were a site where you could pick out artwork, and then YOU have control over the colors, size and medium? All in an easy-to-navigate site that delivered a customized product right to your door? That would be amazing!

Thus, BoomBoom Prints was born. A company striving to fill the needs of frustrated parents nationwide, just looking for the perfect match for their nurseries and kids’ rooms. We think BoomBoom Prints is a grand idea. We hope you do too.