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5 Cutest Shoes in Baby Sizes

Uggs: Keep your little one’s toes warm while looking “fiercely adorable”. Afterall, that’s Ugg Babies tagline! Fuzzy Ugg boots are available in leopard and camo prints, as well as metallic colors!



TOMS: Slip-on TOMS are the ideal footwear for a baby-on-the-go! Hassle-free, no shoe laces required. Made with classic canvas material, these stylish shoes are perfect for tiny toes.


Converse: Converse Shoes are perfect for the skinny-jean wearing, future skater, no-nonsense baby! Converses are sure to give your baby’s outfit an edgy feel. Converse even adapts he BoomBoomPrints-style customization and lets you design your baby’s shoes and choose from a variety of bold colors!


Crocs: Undoubtedly the most comfortable clogs around, Crocs have been re-engineered for little feet! Made from Crocs™ Croslite™ material, these shoes are non-marking, highly ventilated, and lightweight. Available in fuchsia, sea blue, and yellow.



Pumas: All the classic features of your go-to Puma Shoes, just shrunk down for little people! Available in numerous colors, patterns and designs. Form-fitting and lightweight, your baby is sure to be a show-stopper at the next play date!


5 Rockin’ Rocking Chairs

It’s an essential part of your nursery, so why hide it?  Take advantage of these unique and colorful designs that will make your nursery POP!


1. DucDuc Rocker by LaylaGrace



2. Innit Rocker: Innit Designs



3. Marlowe Rocking Chair: Rosenberry Rooms



4. Oxford Glider: MyUrbanChild



5. Luca Glider: Monte Designs


5 Ways to Use a Wallpaper Book

by BoomBoomPrint‘s Eva Dixon


As you may know, you can often ask your local wallpaper store for the out-of-date sample books from last season.  This an awesome way to collect hundreds of patterned paper without paying for it at an expensive craft store.  Here are some great ways to take advantage of this opportunity:

1. Inside of a Bookcase

Sample books often follow a theme or a color scheme so it’s easy to find 6-12 patterns that fit well together.  You can use these papers on the inside of bookshelves to give a bright and unique makeover to any set of shelves.

2. Magazine Files

I Heart Organizing has great instructions for how to cover ordinary boring magazine and file holders into these adorable ones they show here.  They suggest scrapbook paper, but why spend the money? Go with a couple different wall paper samples!

3. Inside Drawers


Such a fun and subtle way to add color to a room!  This is really great for older furniture that is starting to splinter.  The paper protects your clothing and adds a little intrigue to your style.  Check out Young House Love for some instructions.

4.  Kids Room Decor

This adorable kids craft table is a refurbished thrift find with a great selection of craft papers.  Projects like this, with pieces from numerous patterns of paper couldn’t be more perfect for a wallpaper sample book!

5. Books and Notebooks

Covering a notebook, journal, photo album or a copy of someone’s favorite book makes a great unique, personalized gift.