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“We Think Small” Lavender Nursery Roomboard

This nursery is so full of lavender and raspberry that you can practically smell it!  We added “We Think Small” bird prints directly from BoomBoom Prints to add a bit of natural energy!

"We Think Small" Lavender Nursery


1. BoomBoom Prints’ “We Think Small” prints, Bird 2 (white and raspberry), Bird on a Branch (white and lavender), Bird 1 (white and raspberry)

2.  Wayfair’s Sparrow Accent Pillow

3. Joss and Main’s Raspberry Lamp

4. Cracker Barrel’s Black Rocker 

5. Young America’s Black Crib

6. Rug’s USA Lavender Rug

7. Radiance Lighting’s Bird Mobile

Featured Artist: Jennifer Nelson


we think small banner

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, BoomBoom Prints would like to provide you with another special little treat this month!  Last month we sat down with Shannon Kennedy of the design line sass&peril, and this month we would like to present to you Jennifer Nelson of We Think Small as our new featured artist of the month!  We sat down with Jennifer and talked about everything from her personal art inspirations to her affinity for dinosaurs!  Take a peek and get a first-hand look at what she had to say!

Jennifer NelsonBBP:  Jennifer!  When we first saw your work, we fell in love with the unique approach you took to your designs through printmaking. How exactly did you discover printmaking and why is this such an exciting medium for you to work with?


JN: I just fell into printmaking, I went to school for graphic design and drawing and eventually wanted to try printmaking after I saw some awesome Goccu prints. After researching printmaking I found linocut and it just started from there. I can easily turn a drawing into a print that can be reproduced several times and the tactile nature of it just made me fall in love with it!


BBP: Well it seems like your having a good amount of success with your work! You even have your own Etsy shop-  What made you want to start your Etsy shop, We Think Small?


JN: I actually started out selling on Etsy sometime after I realized how easy it was to use and how much they support artists of all kinds. Etsy is a community I can be a part of, allowing me a creative outlet to showcase my designs, while still working a full time job.



BBP: And as creative as your prints are – the name is just as intriguing.  Where does your shop name, “We Think Small” come from?


JN: When trying to choose a name for my shop that didn’t involve my own name, (‘Jennifer Nelson Art’ would have been too hard for people to find, and plus how boring is that?) I found an old picture of a store front with ‘We Think Small’ on the glass and the name really resonated with me. I think it represents me well. I make art for the individual – it’s very personal. Plus, it just sounds cool!



BBP: And speaking of Etsy, I noticed on your shop description you say that ever since you were a kid you wanted to do something with art.  Was there ever a point in time where you were like “you know, becoming a rock start would be pretty cool too!”?


JN: I’m too shy to want to be a rock star but I’ve always changed my mind on what I wanted to do. My mom says I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up. After that it was: photographer, astronomer/ physicist (I LOVE space), nurse, doctor, then I wanted to be a graphic designer and it just kept going.  I still don’t know what I want to do.


BBP: So you said your artwork is very personal, are there any other words you would use to describe your work?


JN: Cute, quirky and clean!



BPP: We would definitely have to agree with you there – what sorts of things do you use for inspiration during the creative process?


JN: I like to draw animals, so I’m always making lists of new ones to draw.  Normally, I’ll just browse through the list and whatever sounds the most interesting I will start researching poses and postures to make something new.



BBP: Sounds like a good way to keep your designs fresh as well!  Is the idea of constantly getting to design something new what draws you to design?  In other words – what do you think is the coolest thing about working in such a creative field?


JN: I like the individualism of it. I think there’s room for everyone to create and still be completely different from the next person. I love that it’s so personal and it involves multiple senses: touch, smell, sight, etc.



BBP: Many of our customers come to BoomBoom Prints to find unique and creative décor that works for them – I’m curious, what did your room look like as a kid?


JN: I had all my beanie babies lined up on the window sill with fun things I would collect from camping trips and other places all over my dresser and shelves. I was constantly moving my posters of plants and animals on the walls. I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t appreciate all the tack holes in my walls! I would also constantly rearrange my furniture. I think I just needed something new from time to time. I had green carpet too – it was pretty cool!



BBP: Speaking of your childhood, what were you like when you when you were younger?  Did you have a knack for the arts back then as well?


JN: Oh yes! I remember I used to always draw pictures of dogs from those books that showed you how to draw. Art was my favorite class, and even with when I was doing a project for another subject I would try to find a way to involve some element of art/ drawing to it. My mom used to draw and both my grandmothers were really good at drawing and painting. I found my family’s connection to art and drawing to be really inspirational and intriguing.


BBP: Thanks for sharing Jennifer!  We are really excited to have your work on our site and can’t wait to see the things you do with your work in the future!  Are there any other fun facts you’d like to add – maybe a few shout outs?

JN: I didn’t discover that dinosaurs were really cool until I went to college. I love dinosaurs now!


If you’d like to learn more about Jennifer or shop her designs, visit her product page here  on BoomBoom Prints to see more!