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BBP Artists: Tips for Categories and Descriptions


Categories and product descriptions are essential part of your success on BoomBoom Prints.  By taking the time to choose smart categories and to write good image descriptions, you optimize the possibility of the perfect Mom or Dad or Grandma or other customer finding your artwork.  Whether you’re a brand new addition to our site or have been around for a while, you can always update your images so be sure to pay attention!


For some of you, categories are a pretty straight-forward concept.  I made a picture of a Bird, therefore I should put this in the “Animals” category.  Great!  You can move on.  For the rest of you it may not be so clear: Does a picture of a whale go in Sea Life or Nautical?  What about Animals?

Our advice to you is to imagine that you are a parent or an aunt or uncle buying for a baby in your life.  How would you think about a picture of a whale?  Is it nautical? Yes. Is it Sea Life? Yes. Animals? Yes.  Add your pieces to all the categories that make sense.  Believe me, if you put your whale picture in the “flowers” category it’s not going to help you.  If a customer is looking for flowers they aren’t your audience anyway!



This is key!  The description is one of the main areas of your portfolio that our search bar goes to look for things.  The more you describe your piece, the more people will find it.  Good general qualities to include in the description:

  • What is it?
  • What color is it?
  • What type of mood does it depict?

You can always add a “Keywords” line to your description if you can’t work everything into sentences.   If you’re looking for a good example of a description, check out OneArtsyMomma’s “Sherbet and her Visitor”.  As a picture of a giraffe and a lady bug, OneArtsyMomma used this as the description:

Sherbet the giraffe, gets an unexpected visitor who lands on her nose. Will they become great friends? What a pair they would make! A huge mammal, and a tiny little love bug. Created digitally, using watercolors, airbrush, dense fur tool, and a few other digital tools.

The Wildlife Series, #2. giraffe, giraffes, mammal, animals, animal, nature, wildlife, ladybug, ladybird, bug, insects, animal kingdom, mammals, ladybirds, ladybugs, bugs, insect, cute illustration, illustration, cute painting, whimsical, whimsical painting, safari, whimsical illustration, cartoon, funny, zoo, zoo animal animals

Nursery Artwork from BoomBoom Prints

This description offers the buyer an adorable and personal description of what is shown in the piece but also includes a long list of keywords that makes “Sherbet and her Visitor” easily discoverable by anyone who would be interested in a picture of a giraffe or ladybugs!


Anyone have any other tips? Share them in the comments below!

Room Board: MeekNest Hawaii’s “Hawaiian Oasis”

It cold and wet in October in Minneapolis, but its warm and…well, I guess it’s still wet… in Hawaii! BoomBoom Prints’ Featured Artist, MeekNest Hawaii is a couple living on the island of Kauai who are constantly inspired by the nature and sunshine they see in their home state.  While incorporating their artwork into our room board this month, we wanted to add the warmth and color they see everyday.  Did we succeed?


The warmth and color of Hawaii incorporated into a tropical nursery, featuring wall art from BoomBoom Prints!



1. Featured BoomBoom Prints Wallart:

Ocean and Sea Nursery Wallart from BoomBoom Prints

 “Let Your Dreams Set Sail” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Tumbling After

“Watercolor Crab” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist MiaoMiao Designs

“Marion the Manatee” ArtPrint by BoomBoom Prints Artist MeekNest Hawaii

“Jasiri the Jellyfish” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist MeekNest Hawaii

“Kissing Seahorses” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Kim Nolan

“Happy Place” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Leah Flores


2. Sand Fabric by Fabric Brat on Etsy

3. Red Coral Fabric by Brick House Fabrics

4. Solutions by Kids R Us Classic Crib – Natural by Toys R Us

5. Coral Lamp by Emporium Home

6. Beach Photography Pillows by EynePhotography on Etsy

7.  Sea Glass Mobile by The RubbishRevival on Etsy

8. Kids Craft Rocking Chair on Houzz

9. Kids Aqua Woven Cotton Rug on Houzz

BBP Artists: Resizing Images for BoomBoom Prints

Hey Artists! We’ve heard from a number of you that re-sizing images to upload to BoomBoom Prints is a little bit of a challenge. We understand that many of our artists create physical artwork by hand and then upload it, with little-to-no experience with design software.  Don’t worry!  We’ve got you covered.  We are going to walk through exactly how to resize images in Photoshop CS6.  You can download a free trial of this program here if you don’t’ already have it!


Have any other tips or questions?  Share them with your fellow artists in the comments!

The design used in this image is by BBP Artist Elle Karel and is available here:

BBP Artists: Uploading Walk-Through

Hey artists!  We’ve gotten some questions recently about uploading nursery artwork to the site.  We decided to have “Intern Ben” do a quick walk-through of how the portal works and what to expect.  You may even recognize the sample artist as the BoomBoom Prints’ Community Manager, Eva. She reminds you all to not judge- she’s not a graphic designer by trade :)

The whale image uploaded in the video is made by BBP Artist Anna Burnett and can be purchased here.

Featured Artist: MeekNest Hawaii

BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist: MeekNest Hawaii! Read about the inspirations behind their colorful nursery artworkMeekNest Hawaii is a Hawaii-based husband and wife team who share a deep admiration for nature and a love of creative pursuits. MeekNest Hawaii was born from the couple’s desire to create art that reflects their appreciation for nature, inspires them to be kinder people, and encourages them to make time for artistic expression.  BoomBoom Prints interviewed Gee, the wife of this awesome couple.




BBP: When did you decide you first become interested in art? Did you know right away that you wanted to be an artist professionally?

MeekNest Hawaii: The desire to create things has always been a part of my nature.  For as long as I can remember, I always doodled, drew, painted, and made things.  Naturally, I dreamed of becoming a professional artist from a young age.   I majored in fine art during my freshman year of college, but switched majors.  I ended up getting my Masters in Speech-Language Pathology and worked in that field for almost a decade.  In the meantime, I continued to paint, draw, craft, and create things at home.  The desire to have a more creative career and pursue art professionally lingered and blossomed over time, especially while living on Kauai, surrounded by natural beauty and a thriving art scene.  While still working full-time in the education field, I finally made the jump to selling my artwork last year, with support from my loving husband and after much encouragement from a dear friend who is a successful artist on Kauai.


BBP: What is the story behind your shop name?

MeekNest Hawaii: My husband and I came up with the name “MeekNest Hawaii” in 2011.  We wanted to incorporate the word “nest” because of its reference to home and family.  I also wanted my artwork to decorate other people’s “nests”/homes and be a source of joy to both parents and children.  We both are attracted to the quality of “meekness” because of the characteristics that it implies: gentle, humble, teachable, and patient.  These are qualities that we strive to display and hope that are reflected in my artwork.  We wanted to include “Hawaii” to pay tribute to our home and the source of much of our inspiration.


BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist: MeekNest Hawaii! Read about the inspirations behind their colorful nursery artwork


BBP: If you had to describe your designs in 5 words or less, what would you say?

MeekNest Hawaii:  Happy, bright, tranquil, nature-inspired… meek!


BBP: What do you find inspires you most?

MeekNest HawaiiI’m the most inspired by color, patterns, and texture in nature and man-made objects. I might see patterns on a seashell, the texture of upholstery fabric, or the colors in a platter of sushi and feel compelled to draw or paint. My natural reaction to seeing something inspiring is to create something artistic and incorporate elements of what I’ve seen.   As far as inspiring people, places, and things, some of my favorite sources of inspiration are Eric Carle illustrations, Marimekko fabrics, mid-century/modern décor, the books The Little Prince (St. Paul Exupery) and Colors (Ken Nordine/ Henrik Descher), ReadyMade magazines, the store Kong Lung on Kauai, and hanging out with artist Fanny Bilodeau.


BBP: Do you have kids?

MeekNest HawaiiWe don’t have kids our own, but we are “hanai” aunty and uncle to oodles of our friends’ adorable kids.  I love their curiosity and fascination with life.  The best moments are when I observe their natural creative abilities in action.  Recently, while searching for driftwood at the beach, my friend’s 3-year-old son used a stick to draw a small shape within another shape in the sand, and said, “This is me in mommy’s tummy!” I enjoy spending time with children because of experiences like that.


BBP: What would you say is the coolest thing about being a professional artist?

MeekNest HawaiiI’m absolutely delighted and gratified when my artwork evokes positive responses in others, from brightening someone’s day to inspiring someone to spend time in creative activities.


BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist: MeekNest Hawaii! Read about the inspirations behind their colorful nursery artwork

BBP: What do you like most about collaborating with BoomBoom Prints? What are your thoughts on the idea of customizable artwork?

MeekNest HawaiiFirst of all, can I take a moment to say that adore the name BoomBoom Prints?  It makes me think of a drum beat, the Black Eyed Peas, John Cusack holding up a boom box, and the time I met Matt Costa at a concert and he drew a boom box on my Kokua Foundation poster!

I appreciate that BoomBoom Prints provides us with an awesome opportunity to share our artwork with a wider audience, especially parents.  The interactive nature of BoomBoom Prints is the bombdiggity!  It is wonderful that clients can participate in the creative process by individualizing aspects of the artwork to fit their “nests”/homes.


BBP: What did your room look like while you were growing up?

MeekNest HawaiiWe moved often when I was young, so my rooms’ walls were nondescript.  I resorted to decorating my room with stuffed animals, using books with colorful covers as décor by propping them against the wall, and posting up my drawings with scotch tape.  When my family finally settled in a house in Hawaii, I painted my walls cornflower blue and brushed white over, while the paint was still wet.  My room looked like a sky full of cirrus clouds!  It was like saying, “Take that!” to years of being surrounded by bland walls.


BBP: Is your workspace a specific nook designed to spark your creativity? Do you find yourself designing in all sorts of locations? Where does the magic happen?

MeekNest HawaiiI’m constantly thinking of new designs, wherever I may be.   It can be a distraction because, if I have a pencil and paper handy, I have to fight the urge to constantly sketch my ideas… especially when I’m supposed to be doing other things!   Most of my recent artwork was done at the kitchen table with ZoeWee, my morkie dog, on my lap and my favorite music playing (Jack Johnson, Young the Giant, Beatles).


BBP: What would you tell a kid who said they wanted to be an artist?

MeekNest HawaiiI would say, “You already are an artist!”  In the words of Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  If you want to pursue art professionally, start young.  Keep honing your skills by experimenting, exploring, and educating yourself.  Surround yourself with encouraging people and visit inspirational places.  Keep on keepin’ on!

 BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist: MeekNest Hawaii! Read about the inspirations behind their colorful nursery artwork

BBP: Any other fun facts you’d like to add?  

MeekNest Hawaii: Some random facts:

-My first name is “Mary Geraldine” and I go by everything from Mary, Gee, GeeGee, Geraldine, to Dine.  When I meet new people, I don’t really know how to introduce myself, so I tend to randomly blurt one of my names.

-My hubby (the other half of MeekNest Hawaii) is a professional photographer (ModernTwist Photography, Supercute Photoshoot).  We have photo shoots every few months.  Our favorite one was a vintage, 1930’s-style shoot in the plantation towns of Ewa and Kunia.

-I still use a few art supplies from my early childhood, such as a Hello Kitty metric ruler that I use as a straight edge and a set of pastels, both from the mid 1980’s.

-Favorites of mine: The Office, Calvin and Hobbes, beachcombing, turtle watching, Bali Hai Bomb sushi from Kintaro’s on Kauai, Copic markers (one can never have enough!)

-We enjoy creating art to decorate our home.  Some of our creations include: a wall hanging made from an upcycled vintage curtain stretched over an old frame… a huge painting created from a painter’s dropcloth, scrap wood, and leftover paint… picture frames made from driftwood and beach glass.


Be sure to check out MeekNest Hawaii‘s designs on! And for a little extra inspiration, take a look at this nursery inspired by their work!