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Friday Fresh Picks

Friday Fresh Picks: July 31st

Looking to spruce up your walls? Never fear, BoomBoom Prints is here with new artists that have awesome artwork! This week’s Friday Fresh Picks include Catherine Rowe, Luci Power, Diogo Verissimo, and thefunkyartshop. Check ’em out!

1. Catherine Rowe: This new BBP artist graduated from Cambridge School of Art and currently hails from Arundel, West Sussex. Her admiration of nature and wildlife is evident in her collection of art: full of whimsical, adorable rabbits!

"Leaping hares around the moon" by Catherine Rowe

Leaping hares around the moon” Art Print by BBP Artist Catherine Rowe

"Hare Family" iPhone Case by BBP Artist Catherine Rowe

Hare Family” iPhone Case by BBP Artist Catherine Rowe

2. Luci Power: Another new BBP artist from the UK, Luci Power has spent two decades as an interior designer, designing theme parks, restaurants, and exhibitions! As a mother of two, Luci spends her time at home with her kids and her illustrations. Check out her collection of adorable guinea pigs!

"New Baby Guinea Pig" Art Print by BBP Artist Luci Power

New Baby Guinea Pig” Art Print by BBP Artist Luci Power

"Mad Scientist Guinea Pig" by BBP Artist Luci Power

Mad Scientist Guinea Pig” Toddler T-Shirt by BBP Artist Luci Power

3. Diogo Verissimo: Diogo, an artist from Portugal, gets his ideas “from pretty much anything… that awakens in my mind some sort of image or concept.” Let your imagination roam free with Diogo’s collection, full of color, intrigue, and curiosity!

"The Moon and Me" Framed Art Print by BBP Artist Diogo Verissimo

The Moon and Me” Framed Art Print by BBP Artist Diogo Verissimo

"Reach for the Moon" Art Print by BBP Artist Diogo Verissimo

Reach for the Moon” Art Print by BBP Artist Diogo Verissimo

4. thefunkyartshop: Cool off this summer with thefunkyartshops’s collection of ice cream prints! Her wonderful designs of color, typography, and lots and lots of ice cream will look perfect on your little one’s wall. One of our favorite prints is “Game of cones,” as pictured below.

"Game of cones" Tote Bag by BBP Artist thefunkyartshop

Game of cones” Tote Bag by BBP Artist thefunkyartshop

"I scream for ice cream" Art Print by BBP Artist thefunkyartshop

I scream for ice cream” Art Print by BBP Artist thefunkyartshop

Check back next Friday for more awesome new artists on BoomBoom Prints!

BBP Artist Webinar

BBP Webinar: Social Media as a Sales Tool

Find out great strategies for using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites to market your work.


Nursery Inpiration and Ideas Room Board from BoomBoom Prints

Roomboard: Zoe Wodarz’s Balanced Home Twins’ Nursery

This nursery featuring artwork by Zoe Wodarz was crafted specially for moms with two little ones to watch over! The minimalist theme keeps the room looking balanced with a mix of patterns and alternating colors.  Read Zoe’s interview on our blog here!



1. “Lazy Cactus Afternoon” Art Print – Zoe Wodarz, BoomBoom Prints

2. Blue/Pink Ribbon Mobile – Etsy

3. “Home Again” Art Print – Zoe Wodarz, BoomBoom Prints

4. Angela Table Lamp Set – One Kings Lane

5. Herringbone Indigo Woven Cotton Rug – Dash And Albert

6. Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – Target

7. Stuffed Toy – Etsy

8. Rattan Pouf – Remodelista

9. Colored Frames – Etsy

10. Store by Numbers Cube Bins – Land Of Nod

11. Belham Living Holden Modern Rocking Chair – Hayneedle

12. Ribba Picture Ledges – Ikea

9 Art Prints for Kids and Nurseries

9 Butterfly Prints For Your Nursery

Soon your little one’s nursery walls will be fluttering and flying. Take a look at these beautiful butterfly prints from BoomBoom Prints!

"Beautiful Butterfly" by Piia Põdersalu, BoomBoom Prints

We love the warm colors in this “Beautiful Butterfly” print by Piia Põdersalu!


"Blue Butterfly" by Aldari Art, BoomBoom Prints

Simple yet elegant, this “Blue Butterfly” by AldariArt will add a pop of color to your walls.


"Peachy Mint Butterflies" by Katrina Pete, BoomBoom Prints

Let your dreams be abundant like these adorable “Peachy Mint Butterflies” by artist Katrina Pete!


"Elephant Butterfly" by Squeaky Studio, BoomBoom Prints

This whimsical “Elephant and Butterfly” print by Squeaky Studio will take your imagination to new heights.


"Butterfly" by Morgan Kendall, BoomBoom Prints

This intricate “Butterfly” by Morgan Kendall adds a modern twist to your nursery decor.


"Butterflies Galore" by Samina Mustafa, BoomBoom Prints

You’ll have “Butterflies Galore” in your space with this print by Samina Mustafa!


"Butterfly" by Sharon Harris, BoomBoom Prints

The yellow and green in this “Butterfly” print by Sharon Harris sure reminds us of summer!


"Summer Moths" by Jill Byers, BoomBoom Prints

These playful “Summer Moths” by Jill Byers are sure to add some fluttery feelings to your little one’s room.


"Butterfly Jar - Orange" by Field and Sky, BoomBoom Prints

You can’t help but think of a sunny summer day with this “Butterfly Jar – Orange” print by Field and Sky!


Have any other favorite butterfly prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

Can’t get enough of nature? Check out more art by amazing BoomBoom Prints artists here!

BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Zoe Wodarz

BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Zoe WodarzBoomBoom Prints Artist Zoe Wodarz is a freelance graphic designer based in St. Paul, MN.  She creates bright and colorful art with detailed textures and playful topics!  Check out what she told us about her art, childhood and her favorite 1970’s accessories:


BBP: Describe your art in 5 words or less!
Zoe: Bold, modern, fun and unique


BBP: Name an artist or person that inspires your art and why!
Zoe: Charlie Harper – love his expressive line work, color choices and unique perspective of the animal / botanical world.


BBP: Did you go to school for art or are you primarily self-taught?
Zoe: I did go to school for Studio Art / Environmental Studies, I also took a Contemporary Art focused semester in NYC and numerous studio classes which shaped my education. I am self taught in graphic design and computer related illustration. I love to combine different media to create new techniques and stretch my skills!


BBP: When did you start designing/creating?  Was there a particular event that inspired you to pursue it further? 


Zoe: I have always loved design and was very fortunate to grow up with parents that recognized and encouraged my artistic talents from a very early age. I would say that three major events shaped my early art education – a chance to travel extensively with my family, piano lessons and summers spent at a camp in Maine called Hidden Valley!


BBP: How has your style changed since you started?
Zoe: What I love about art is that it is never standing still – my peers tell me I now have a slight signature style to my work but really I love to produce art and product design on demand. It is a special challenge to not rely on a medium or style for your inspiration but to let the world around you dictate the trends!


BBP: Where is the coolest place you’ve visited?
Zoe: Australia! As a kid…I think Legoland in Europe was amazing and I still hope to go to Egypt someday…


BBP: Do you have a particular spot or place where you create most of your art?
Zoe: I love to draw outside on our front porch but most of the time I work on the computer in my tiny loft studio. It has a desk and a chair and a funny picture of an elephant wearing glasses that always cheers me up!


BBP: Do you have any children? If so, what are their names and ages? 
Zoe: Not yet… but I love to make art for my family, my husbands family, our friends & recently lots of baby showers… :)


BBP: Do you have any pets?
Zoe: Do wild rabbits in our backyard count?


BBP: Growing up, were your parents into or involved in art?
Zoe: My parents love art in all forms – art, theater, history and music. We constantly went to see and do cultural activities. My mother was an art history teacher, botanical garden specialist and now volunteers for the Field Museum in Chicago. My father is a doctor and had a very classically driven education and loves to read and travel.


BBP: What were your favorite hobbies as a kid?  
Zoe: I loved water sports, reading, playing music, rollerskating, art projects and having outdoor adventures with my friends.


BBP: What’s your favorite story to tell about your childhood?
Zoe: My friends and I actually started a detective agency… we did solve a mystery or 2!


BBP: What did your room look like growing up?  
Zoe: Messy art and science projects, stuffed animals, comic books and my prize possession, a record player! When I was little it was hard to find interesting kids art so my mom would find old books and frame the pages. My parents also found a cool picture of a snake that was shaped like the word zoo but we would pretend it said Zoe!


BBP: If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you do instead?
Zoe: I would decorate cakes like that show “Ace of Cakes!” or be a white water rafting guide.


BBP: Do you prefer to swim in a pool, ocean, or lake?
Zoe: All three!! I love to swim…I find being by the water calming and inspiring.


BBP: What is one thing that you’ve never tried, but would like to?
Zoe: Archeology or being in a rock band!


BBP: Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Zoe: Milk Chocolate! Actually, I love Vanilla even more (sorry chocolate!)


BBP: Sunglasses or hats?
Zoe: Sunglasses – 70’s style with the rainbow fade


BBP: Sweet or savory?
Zoe: Savory!


Hide and Seek art print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Zoe Wodarz


Lazy Cactus Afternoon art print by BoomBoom Print Artist Zoe Wodarz


Home Again art print by BoomBoom Print Zoe Wodarz


Bee Awesome Bee You art print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Zoe Wodarz
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