25 Easy Ways to Boost your Creativity

Ways to boost creativityStuck in a rut? Losing motivation to draw? Unfortunately every creative knows the feeling of being trapped in a mental block all too well. If you happen to need a little inspiration, go ahead and check out our 25 tips on how to rejuvenate your creativity. Who knows, you just might create your next favorite piece!

1. Keep an idea notebook with you at all times – Hand-writing your ideas spurs more creativity than typing them on a computer, and having a place to store your inspiration will help you remember more in the long run.

2. Do more of what makes you happy – Another reason to find time for your hobbies! Doing what you love puts you in a more creative mindset that will help you think of more ideas.

3.  Attempt something new every day – Try writing with your bad hand, learning a few words in a new language, or taking a few photographs when you run your errands! Switching up your routine will expose you to new adventures to draw from creatively.

4. Get some exercise – In addition to being healthy for your body, kinesthetic movement stimulates blood flow and loosens your mind up to new ideas.

5. Meet new people – A conversation with someone new can offer a different perspective you may not have thought of before.

6. Take time to daydream – Some of the best ideas come unexpectedly!

7. Do something silly – Whether you decide to go skipping, chicken-dancing, or cartwheeling, breaking down social barriers will help you think more creatively.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.52.48 PM8. Make an inspiration board or mind map – Having a visual board of ideas can help you formulate your existing plan and branch out to new possibilities.

9. Go outside – Fresh air relaxes your brain, which can stimulate new insights.

10. Brainstorm out loud with another person – Hearing feedback may inspire you to take a different direction on your creative project.

11. Go for a drive – A long ride on the roadside can be the perfect activity to let your mind wander.

12. People-watch – People are incredible sources of inspiration!

13. Keep a notebook by the side of the bed – Ever had a brilliant idea just as you were drifting off and then forgotten it in the morning? A notebook is a great way to remember thoughts you might have otherwise forgotten.

14. Browse books at your local bookstore for ideas – Whether you read the back covers for ideas or check out a genre you wouldn’t normally read, bookstores are gold mines for information that can help with your next great idea.

15. Pretend to be someone else for a day – Imagining how someone else feels can help your brain think in an entirely new way.

16. Build off other small ideas you admire – Does another artist have a style that you would love to try? Love the color palette of something you just saw? Find little ways to incorporate these into your own ideas!

17. Review your old notes regularly – Something new may stand out the next time you review your past brainstorms!

18. Doodle – Let your hand do its thing and your mind may follow.

19. Switch up your work space – Changing your surroundings often leads to new ideas. One of our artists, Annisa Tiara Utami, makes sure to sketch everywhere she goes!

20. Turn off all distractions – Silence the text messages, stay away from the TV, and ignore the emails if at all possible. Your focused mind will thank youlater!

unsplash4_15h21. Make sure your workspace has natural light – Sunlight helps relax the mind, which enables creative activity.

22. Just start! – Sometimes the best results come from no plan at all.

23. Take risks – The more you push yourself, the more possibilities you will find!

24. Allow yourself to make mistakes – Remember that it is okay to mess up. Once you lose the fear of failure, you will realize how unimportant mishaps are.

25. Stop when you need to, but don’t give up – Last but not least, keep going even when you can’t seem to think of any ideas. Even a so-so product can yield more inspiration in the future!

Do you have any solutions on how to get creatively inspired? Share them in the comments below!unnamed-3

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