9 Art Prints for Kids and Nurseries

9 Ice Cream Prints For Your Nursery

Cool down your summer! Check out these adorable ice cream prints by BoomBoom Prints artists… perfect for a nursery or your kitchen!

"Neapolitan Ice Cream Cones" by Anais Balbas, BoomBoom Prints

Triple the ice cream, triple the fun! These “Neapolitan Ice Cream Cones” by artist Anais Balbas are sure to hit the spot.


"Ice Cream Fun" by Nuart Media Group, BoomBoom Prints

Who doesn’t love a cherry on top? This “Ice Cream Fun” print by Nuart Media Group looks delicious!


"Ice Cream Color" by Elle Karel, BoomBoom Prints

Let your ice cream flavor imagination run wild with this tasty “Ice Cream Color” print by artist Elle Karel.


"Hipster Ice Cream" by The Funky Art Shop, BoomBoom Prints

This “Hipster Ice Cream” cone print by The Funky Art Shop is waaaay too cute to eat!


"Ice Cream and Sprinkles" by Kimberly Theresa Designs, BoomBoom Prints

This “Ice Cream and Sprinkles” print by Kimberly Theresa Designs has our mouths watering!


"Sweet Ice Cream Cone Pink" by The Lion and The Lark, BoomBoom Prints

Be careful! This “Sweet Ice Cream Cone Pink” by The Lion & The Lark will bring out the sweettooth in every little kid.


"Vanilla Ice Cream" by Molly Ennis, BoomBoom Prints

Who said “Vanilla Ice Cream” is a boring flavor? Artist Molly Ennis adds flair to this print with multicolored sprinkles!


"Yummy" by Grop, BoomBoom Prints

Give your ice cream cone a hug with this “Yummy” print by artist Grop!


"I Melt For U" by Zoe Wodarz, BoomBoom Prints

Look at those smiling faces! This adorable “I Melt For U” print is by artist Zoe Wodarz.


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Share share with us in the comments! Office poll says chocolate the fav around here.

Can’t get enough of these sweet treats? Check out more mouth-watering ice cream art by amazing BoomBoom Prints artists here!


  1. Love the Molly Ennis print!

  2. So sweet! I bet they look great on the baby clothing as well!

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