9 Art Prints for Kids and Nurseries

9 Nautical Prints For Your Nursery

Ahoy mateys! We’ve got some adorable nautical prints by BoomBoom Prints artists that’ll bring the salty sea and sandy shores to the walls of your little one’s nursery.

"Moby and Friends" by Jill Byers, BoomBoom Prints

This print “Moby and Friends” by Jill Byers would look whale-y cute in an ocean-inspired room!


"Pink and Navy Anchor" by The Lion and the Lark, BoomBoom Prints

Stay calm in the waves with this adorable “Pink and Navy Anchor” print by The Lion & the Lark.


"Ahoy" by Field and Sky, BoomBoom Prints

Make a splash in your nursery with this charming “Ahoy” print by artist Field and Sky!


"Wheel" by Egle Sernaite, BoomBoom Prints

Be the captain of your baby’s bedroom decor with this “Wheel” print by Egle Sernaite.


"Anchor" by Slightly Sprightly, BoomBoom Prints

How cute is this chevron pattern?! This “Anchor” by Slightly Sprightly is a perfect nautical piece.


"Pirate Shirt" by Jill Byers, BoomBoom Prints

Argh! No fear here, it’s just an adorable “Pirate Shirt” by artist Jill Byers.


"Nautical Chevron Love" by Uni Q Creations, BoomBoom Prints

Show your love for the beach and your little one with this “Nautical Chevron Love” print by artist Uni Q Creations!


"Sailboat" by Slightly Sprightly, BoomBoom Prints

Bon voyage! Set sail in this darling “Sailboat” print by artist Slightly Sprightly.


"Blue Anchor and Polka Dots" by Indulge My Heart, BoomBoom Prints

We love the playful polka dots in this previous “Blue Anchor and Polka Dots” print by Indulge My Heart!


Have any other favorite nautical prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

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