9 Art Prints for Kids from BoomBoom Prints

9 Owl Prints For Your Nursery

Who gives a hoot about their nursery? You do? Well then take a look at these 9 featured owl prints by BoomBoom Prints artists. From colorful patterns to subtle pastels, you’re sure to find the right fit for you and your little owlet.

"Owl" by Heather Scott, BoomBoom Prints

This vibrant “Owl” print by Heather Scott will liven up the walls of your nursery. Pair with brightly colored crib accessories or rug, and you’ve got a room just as lively as your little one.


"Owl Always Love you" by Rose Bud Studio, BoomBoomPrints

 Perfect for a pink theme, this flowery “Owl Always Love You” print by Rose Bud Studio brings a nature-inspired look indoors. Matched with natural wood and neutral accents, your nursery will be a breath of fresh air.


"Owl Family" by Heidi Mcintyre, BoomBoom Prints

 This cute print “Owl Family” combines trendy colors and intriguing designs. Your little one is sure to feel the love from this print by Heidi Mcintyre.


"Coffee Owl" by Jessica Mingo Designs, BoomBoom Prints

 Who knew owls drink coffee, too? When your tyke enters the world, you’re bound to need a few cups… every hour. This cute, colorful “Coffee Owl” print by Jessica Mingo Designs is sure to bring smiles and much-needed energy to your nursery.


"Owl Always Love You" by Caramel Expressions, BoomBoom Prints

 What’s more cozy than two owls snuggling on a branch? This cuddly “Owl Always Love You” print by Caramel Expressions reflects the love and warmth you bring to your nursery.


"Woodland Trio - Owl" by Little Bristles, BoomBoom Prints

 This adorable owl print matches its friends bear and fox in a woodland trio by Little Bristles. These creatures may be in competition for the cutest woodland nursery prints.


"Snowy Owl" by Taylor Rose, BoomBoom Prints

 A beautiful, pastel print by Taylor Rose, this “Snowy Owl” print is like a fresh coat of snow on a winter’s day – but inside!


"Night Owl" by Running River Design, BoomBoom Prints

 The soft colors of this “Night Owl” print by Running River Design shows off the quiet nature we all associate with owls. Let’s hope that means more sleep for the baby… and you.


"Snow Owl" by LouJah, BoomBoom Prints

 Though winter can be cold and icy, this bohemian-inspired “Snow Owl” print by LouJah will provide warmth and beauty to your nursery’s decor.


Have any other favorite owl prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

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9 Owl Prints For Your Nursery

9 Art Prints of Owls from BoomBoom Prints


  1. Really cute! Thanks for including my Night Owl design :)

  2. I love the quiet and softness of Running River’s Night Owl. And Coffee Owl is cute too :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE these selections. Adorable!

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