9 Art Prints for Kids and Nurseries

9 Pineapple Prints For Your Nursery

The tropical weather won’t stay forever but now it can! You’ll be reminded of the sweet summer year round with these adorable pineapple prints by BoomBoom Prints artists.

"Pineapple" by Elisabeth Fredriksson, BoomBoom Prints

How cute are the geometric shapes in this “Pineapple” print by artist Elisabeth Fredriksson?!


"Pineapple" by Sarah Tamblyn Designs, BoomBoom Prints

You’ll be reminded of tropical weather with the colors in this “Pineapple” print by Sarah Tamblyn Designs.


"Pineapple" by Rui Faria, BoomBoom Prints

 One “Pineapple” won’t do the trick… artist Rui Faria has enough to share!


"Pineapple Love" by Mikath, BoomBoom Prints

Who said pineapples can’t be pink?! This “Pineapple Love” print by Mikath would be a fun pop of color on a nursery wall.


"It's Raining Pineapples" by Karin Bijlsma, BoomBoom Prints

Look out! “It’s Raining Pineapples” by artist Karin Bijlsma is heading your way!


"Pineapple" by About Mika, BoomBoom Prints

This “Pineapple” print by About Mika looks too tasty to eat!


"Genetically Engineered Pineapples" by Rui Faria, BoomBoom Prints

Nope, you’re not seeing double! These are “Genetically Engineered Pineapples” by artist Rui Faria.


"Miss Hawaiian Pineapple" b y Haidi Shabrina, BoomBoom Prints

“Miss Hawaiian Pineapple” by Haidi Shabrina will be hula dancing on your little one’s walls!


"Pineapple Sketch" by Hinterlund, BoomBoom Prints

This “Pineapple Sketch” by Hinterlund looks like it’s ready to eat!


Have any other favorite pineapple prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

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