9 Art Prints for Kids from BoomBoom Prints

9 Prints For Sunshine & Summer

It’s summer outside- why shouldn’t it be summer inside? Highlight your life with 9 sunny designs by BoomBoom Prints artists. From sunglasses to popsicles, you’re bound to find something that pumps you up for the warm months ahead.

"Sunglasses - Pink" by Sugar and Bean, BoomBoom Prints

 Make a sizzling hot statement on your wall with these vibrant Pink Sunglasses.  Or maybe, cool off just a little bit with the blue version of this Sugar and Bean Print Co print.


"You Are My Sunshine" by BitsyCreations, BoomBoom Prints

What makes the sunshine even better? When it has a smile on its face. Sure to brighten up your space, “You Are My Sunshine” by BitsyCreations will make the perfect addition to your summer decor.


"Kite in the Sky" by Katrina Beck, BoomBoom Prints

Let’s go fly a kite! This print “Kite in the Sky” by Katrina Beck carries the vibrant colors of a breezy summer afternoon into your home.


"Ice Cream and Sprinkles" by Kimberly Theresa Designs, BoomBoom Prints

 This mouth-watering triple-scoop “Ice Cream and Sprinkles” print by Kimberly Theresa Designs is so perfect for summertime decor, you’ll be wishing you could eat it.


"Live in the Sunshine" by Farmhouse Prints, BoomBoom Prints

 “Live in the Sunshine” both outside and in with this ombre-style print.  The sea meets the sky in this piece by artist Farmhouse Prints with blue hues from the ocean and orange hues from the sun.


"Lifeguard Hut" by Sam Osborne, BoomBoom Prints

 Artist Sam Osborne takes boring and turns it bold in “Lifeguard Hut”.  A common sight from the shore, a lifeguard tower takes on new life in this print and pulls all the bright colors of summer into one design.


"Strawberry Fields" by Zoe Wodarz, BoomBoom Prints

What could be cuter than the friendship between the strawberry and the sun in this print “Strawberry Fields” by Zoe Wodarz?


"Sun Salt Sand - Orange" by Suzie Deyo, BoomBoom Prints

“Sun Salt and Sand”– all the perfect elements of a summer beach trip. This print by Suzie Deyo also comes in blue or pink sunglasses to fit your summer style.


"Ice Lollies" by Nic Squirrell, BoomBoom Prints

Another tasty treat for summer! Artist Nic Squirrell showcases the heat of summer with this fantastic print “Ice Lollies”. Take a look at it in our room inspiration– it just adds so much color!


Do you know of any other summery prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

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9 Prints for Sunshine & Summer

9 Art Prints for Summer from BoomBoom Prints


  1. I must admit…I’m a fan of everything Sam Osborne does =D

  2. I love summer! I agree with Heather, I love her Lifeguard Hut! Also of fun of Nic Squirrel’s “Ice Lollies”

  3. LOVE them all! That strawberry is just so cute and the “Live in the Sun Shine” is so cool!

  4. Oh – thank you Heather and Laura!

    This selection is brightening up a dull June day here :)

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