9 Art Prints for Kids from BoomBoom Prints

9 Prints For Your Cloud-Filled Nursery

You’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine with these whimsical prints by BoomBoom Prints artists. They’re sure to inspire your little ones to dream big and never ever “get their head out of the clouds”!

"Watch the Clouds" by Miss Lady Blue, BoomBoom Prints

Tack this print, “Watch the Clouds” by Miss Lady Blue, to the ceiling and your kids will forever be inspired to be outside!


"Fly Away" by Noonday Design, BoomBoom Prints

“Fly Away” in these brightly patterned hot air balloons by artist Noonday Design.


"Dream Big in Turquoise" by Lisa Argyropoulos, BoomBoom Prints

“Dream Big in Turquoise” by Lisa Argyropoulos adds a little sparkle to a dreamy nursery.


"Ocean Meets Sky" by Terry Fan, BoomBoom Prints

This charming print “Ocean Meets Sky” by Terry Fan blends the mystery of the sea and the wonder of the night sky.


"Circus Tent" by Sylvia Cook, BoomBoom Prints

Bring a little magic and a little fun to your nursery with the bright blue and yellow stripes of the “Circus Tent” by Sylvia Cook.


"Air Balloon in Yellow" by Luna Babe Creations, BoomBoom Prints

Fly up, up, and away in this cute “Air Balloon in Yellow” print by artist Luna Babe Creations.


"Ferris Wheel" by Sylvia Cook, BoomBoom Prints

Who doesn’t love a good carnival?  “Ferris Wheel” print by Sylvia Cook


"Dream Big Little One" by DesignClaud, BoomBoom Prints

Encourage imagination with this adorable sentiment “Dream Big Little One” by DesignClaud.


"Flight of the Elephants" by Terry Fan, BoomBoom Prints

Look out! “Flight of the Elephants” by Terry Fan will bring a little whimsy and a lot of fun to any kid’s space!


Have any other favorite cloud prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

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  1. love the “Ocean Meets Sky” print!

  2. The ferris wheel is my fave!

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