9 Art Prints for Kids and Nurseries

9 Prints To Celebrate Shark Week

Look out! These shark prints by BoomBoom Prints artists are sure to bring some cuteness to your nursery walls – just in time for Shark Week.

"Shark Blue Ombre" by Two White Owls, BoomBoom Prints

Don’t be afraid by this fin in the water! It’s just the “Shark Blue Ombre” print by Two White Owls!


"Tiger Shark" by Danny Rings, BoomBoom Prints

What a friendly smile in this “Tiger Shark” print by artist Danny Rings!


"Shark" by Saglibene Design, BoomBoom Prints

This modern “Shark” print by Saglibene Design is sure to add a pop of sea life onto your walls.


"Onward" by Jay Fleck, BoomBoom Prints

Is that a giraffe riding a shark?! We love this silly adventure print “Onward” by artist Jay Fleck.


"Shark" by Elle Karel, BoomBoom Prints

Look out little fishy, this “Shark” by Elle Karel looks hungry!


"Sad Hammer Head Shark" by Christa Miesner, BoomBoom Prints

Don’t you just want to cuddle with this “Sad Hammer Head Shark” by Christa Miesner?


"Great White Shark Art" by Isabelle Dillard, BoomBoom Prints

Check out this “Great White Shark” by Isabelle Dillard swimming in beautiful watercolors.


"Shareef the Shark" by MeekNest Hawaii, BoomBoom Prints

Meet “Shareef the Shark” by MeekNest Hawaii! Wouldn’t this print go great in an ocean-inspired room?


"Shark Color Splash" by Animals and Nature, BoomBoom Prints

Add sparks of excitement to your walls with this “Shark Color Splash” print by Animals and Nature.


Have any other favorite shark prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Alby Letoy

    me too! I love “Onward” by artist Jay Fleck! Believe the unbelievable, imagine how the shark can meet a giraffe :-)

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