BBP Artist Webinar: Artwork Rejection and Solutions

Hi everybody!  I hope you all a good Easter weekend.  Sorry this took so long to post!  Technical issues seemed to be the theme of the day because the export and upload process were not cooperating.  Brett and I took this week to help describe the artwork approval process- why we have it and how it works.  In this webinar, we take the time to go through the top reasons why artwork may not be allowed on the site and break down each one by what it means and how you can fix it. Remember to comment if you have questions- we’re pretty quick to answer.  There is also our artist forum here if you have questions for fellow BBP artists.
-Eva (Your one and only community manager) and the rest of the BBP team

Reasons covered:
Innapropriate Content 6:07
Artwork Mismatch 8:04
Repeat Artwork 9:50
Incorrect sizing 11:35
Not an Original File 13:05
Lighting Issue 14:16
Clothing Does Not Have A Transparent Background 15:40

Here are the links to the other webinars that we reference in the video:

Prepping art/resizing artwork/transparent png 

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