BBP Webinar: Make Your Art Stand Out

Webinar from April 24, 2015

Did you know we have over 1000 artists on BoomBoom Prints? Brett and Eva talk through the ways artists can use the artist portal to help make their art more searchable (on BoomBoom Prints and elsewhere) and help encourage customers to find and choose their artwork.  This is actually a replica of the original webinar.  They may have forgotten to hit record….
Topics covered: Artwork description, title, and categories; Artist Profile; Things to do reguarly

Questions Asked and Answered:
•How do you change your portal name?
•For a profile description–do you think its better for be in first person or third person and why?
•Can/Should we put links to our facebook/website in our profile description?


  1. Great stuff.
    Sometimes I simply can’t think of a good description (or I’m being pulled away by a child) so I put something quick in. I know I can go back and update it. Is this affect anything? Is it okay for search engine stuff, etc? Or should I just not submit until I have a proper description?


  2. Eva | BoomBoom Prints

    Hi Rich!

    We totally understand that life happens :) We do encourage you to at least type a sentence or two describing what it is and what color it is. At the very least that will help people who are looking for something specific that matches your artwork will find you! going back and adding more late is perfectly fine and will not negatively affect search results!

    Hope this helps!

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