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FreeArtsMN Holiday Art Project



BoomBoom Prints paired with FreeArtsMn and the Jeremiah Project of Minneapolis to link our artists with some real Minneapolis kiddos.  14 different kids drew anything they could imagine with a black magic marker on paper.  We then scanned in the images and sent them out to 18 of our BBP artists.  Find all the originals and our artists’ finished pieces in the slideshow below (click to zoom!):


You can find all of the finished pieces here!  All the net proceeds during the month of December 2015 from these pieces will be donated back to FreeArtsMN.


Carla Martell’s Colorful Critters Bathroom Roomboard

With a few colorful critters, including Carla Martell’s Sweet Sailor Cat, this kids bathroom is guaranteed to help alleviate bathtime tears and  bedtime blues.  We had a hard time deciding between Carla’s cart and her other, very adorable alligator piece.  In the end, the cat won out only because of the bath-like boat and the tiny heart flag!


Carla Martell's Colorful Critters kids bathroom

1.  Automatic Soap Dispenser from Homedics

2. Center Drian Free Standing Bathtub from HomeDepot

3. Give A Hoot shower curtain from Kohls

4. Animal Bath Wrap from Potterybarn Kids

5. “Sweet Sailor Cat” by BBP Artist Carla Martell

6. Pedestal Sink from HomeDepot

7. Round Bowl Toilet from Plumberstock

8. Kids Step stool from Amazon

9. Bambini bathrug from Target

10. Brights apartment hamper from Bed, Bath, and Beyond



Interested in the wonderful works for Carla Martell? Visit her interview here!

9 Art Prints for Kids and Nurseries

9 Phone Cases for Fall

The leaves are starting to fall.  The sun is disappearing just a a little earlier each night.  Winter is coming.  BUT before that happens, there is a beautiful wonderful time of year where the leaves are beautiful shades of oranges and reds and sweep the landscapes in a golden light.  That time of year inspired these phone cases:

9 Phone Cases for Fall

The acorns are just perfect in this “Autumn Treasures” pattern by artist, Karin Bijlsma


9 Phone Cases for Fall

A past featured artist, Taylor rose always adds great colors and character to her work and “A Migration Through Time” is no exception.

9 Phone Cases for Fall

Love the motion and texture in this one! “Scattered Feathers” by artist Kat Rutt Design

9 Phone Cases for Fall

Tree Orange” by artist ZaMo Arts

9 Phone Cases for Fall

Gaspar Avila has many wonderful autumn photographs, including this piece, “Autumn Colors 2“.


9 Phone Cases for Fall

LOVE the contrasting colors here- “Shine-Apr” by Henry H

9 Phone Cases for Fall

Night Fall” by BBP Artist Loujah


9 Phone Cases for FallFall Leaves” by Sugar and Bean

9 Phone Cases for Fall

Leaves Pattern” by Timone is a soft and delicate tribute to the windy days of fall!

What is your favorite part of fall? Is it the leaves or the hot apple cider? Let us know!

9 Art Prints for Kids and Nurseries

9 Butterfly Prints For Your Nursery

Soon your little one’s nursery walls will be fluttering and flying. Take a look at these beautiful butterfly prints from BoomBoom Prints!

"Beautiful Butterfly" by Piia Põdersalu, BoomBoom Prints

We love the warm colors in this “Beautiful Butterfly” print by Piia Põdersalu!


"Blue Butterfly" by Aldari Art, BoomBoom Prints

Simple yet elegant, this “Blue Butterfly” by AldariArt will add a pop of color to your walls.


"Peachy Mint Butterflies" by Katrina Pete, BoomBoom Prints

Let your dreams be abundant like these adorable “Peachy Mint Butterflies” by artist Katrina Pete!


"Elephant Butterfly" by Squeaky Studio, BoomBoom Prints

This whimsical “Elephant and Butterfly” print by Squeaky Studio will take your imagination to new heights.


"Butterfly" by Morgan Kendall, BoomBoom Prints

This intricate “Butterfly” by Morgan Kendall adds a modern twist to your nursery decor.


"Butterflies Galore" by Samina Mustafa, BoomBoom Prints

You’ll have “Butterflies Galore” in your space with this print by Samina Mustafa!


"Butterfly" by Sharon Harris, BoomBoom Prints

The yellow and green in this “Butterfly” print by Sharon Harris sure reminds us of summer!


"Summer Moths" by Jill Byers, BoomBoom Prints

These playful “Summer Moths” by Jill Byers are sure to add some fluttery feelings to your little one’s room.


"Butterfly Jar - Orange" by Field and Sky, BoomBoom Prints

You can’t help but think of a sunny summer day with this “Butterfly Jar – Orange” print by Field and Sky!


Have any other favorite butterfly prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

Can’t get enough of nature? Check out more art by amazing BoomBoom Prints artists here!

Artist Webinar from BoomBoom Prints

BBP Artist Webinar: Uploading 101

I just got an email from an artist that they were having trouble viewing the webinar, so if anyone else had the same issue I am very sorry!  I could see everything just fine so I didn’t think to ask you guys :/ Luckily, the recording captured what I was seeing and it’s all here now.  Enjoy! And feel free to email us with questions!


As far as other videos that I reference in this one:

Resizing Artwork

Artist Portal Walk-Through

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