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Meet Jocelyn Naquin, the artist behind The Nesting Spot as well as this week’s featured artist on BoomBoom Prints. Managing to add humor and color to each design, Jocelyn’s cheerful nature is evident in every piece on the site. Read on to learn about her inspiration, her family, and more!

BBP: Describe your style in 5 words or less:

Jocelyn: Colorful, happy and playful

BBP: What is your creative process like?

Jocelyn: I’ll usually have an idea pop in my head as I’m going through my day…it might be brought on from something I read or saw. Then I try to sketch out my ideas. I keep playing with the drawings until I get something I like, and then scan it and redraw and paint it in Photoshop with my Wacom tablet. I love many mediums though, so I sometimes use watercolor or collage or something else to get the look I’m going for.

BBP: Do you always work from the same a spot- a studio, a particular desk, etc.- or do you move around?

Jocelyn: I have a desk in our bedroom but it is covered with the sewing machine and serger that I use for the sewing side of my business. I don’t like being isolated when I work so I usually draw using a lap desk and illustrate on my laptop on the couch in our living room.

BBP: How has your style changed over the years?

Jocelyn: I don’t know if my style has changed so much over the years except maybe matured. I’ve always loved drawing animals and playing around with hand lettering and those are still main parts of what I do.

BBP: Tell us about the colors you use- how do you choose them, what inspires them?

Jocelyn: I just try to pick colors that are bold and happy and will make you smile. The great thing about digital art is I can play around with the colors until I get the look I’m going for.

BBP: Did you always know that you wanted to design for kids and families?

Jocelyn: I’ve always enjoyed drawing pictures that kids would enjoy. In high school, my best friend and I spent a lot of our free time writing and illustrating children’s books. Art designed for children tends to take itself less seriously and is more approachable than art that is created specifically for adults. I like to have fun with the illustrations and keep them whimsical.

BBP: Do you think art is important for kids? Why?

Jocelyn: Yes, very much so! There are numerous benefits but I’ll list just a few. Art allows them to express themselves even if they don’t have all the words to say what they’re feeling. It also works their imaginations and inventiveness. Kids can also become more culturally aware by looking at art from history and around the world.

I love you more than all the narwhalsBBP: Tell us about your favorite one of your designs on the site: Which one is it? Why? What inspired it?

Jocelyn: Probably my favorite design is the “Love You More Than All the Narwhals” print. Narwhals are such beautiful and strange animals and there seems to be an equally special bunch of people with an intense love for them. So, to tell someone you love him or her more than all the narwhals can be a very sweet and big statement. It has been really fun hearing from those who have bought the print as a gift and the backstory of why they chose that picture.

BBP: Do you have kids? Tell us about them!

Jocelyn: Yes, I have 3 spunky children, ages 7, 5, and 2.  They are all so different from each other but my husband and I definitely see ourselves in each of them.

BBP: How did you decorate their nursery?

Jocelyn: With my first son, we painted his room a light yellow color (which I loved in natural light but hated at night with artificial light – the right yellow is so hard to find). I found an old nursery rhyme book at the library with beautiful illustrations and scanned in some of my favorites to print and hang on the wall. When my daughter was born I wanted her room to have a vintage garden/bird feel to it so I painted the walls a mint color and had different shades of pink as well in the room. I did a bunch of DIY’s like sewing a bird mobile for her crib and used embroidered floral handkerchiefs to make a pillow for her glider. With my last son we painted his room a great gray blue color and hung some ocean themed paintings I did on the wall. We already had a big metal fish, wooden boat, and globe that we used along with other keepsake items to decorate.

BBP: What was the most surprising thing about having children?

Jocelyn: Just how much they take over your heart and life. They are exhausting but I can’t imagine life without them.

BBP: Any advice for new moms or dads?

Jocelyn: The first thing I’ll say is to follow your instincts. It is surprising how much you just figure out what to do even if you’re someone like me who had little to no baby experience before having kids of my own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice though from trusted people in your life who you admire as parents. The book that was the hugest help for us when our babies were little is The Happiest Baby on the Block. We give it all the time as a baby gift because learning the 5 s’s was so helpful for getting our little ones to stop crying.

BBP: Any pets?

Jocelyn: We have a grumpy old 17-pound cat named Jack. He hides under our bed all day until the kids go to sleep and then he magically shows up and wants all our attention.

BBP: Where did you grow up?

Jocelyn: I was born in Seattle, Washington but have also lived in Hawaii and several cities around Texas. I definitely feel like an honorary Texan since I’ve been here from age 5.

BBP: What was your most prized possession as a kid? Tell us about it!

Jocelyn: I had a Snoopy doll I got from Santa and just loved that thing to pieces.

BBP: What did your room look like growing up?

Jocelyn: Since we moved a lot I had a few different rooms but one that stands out to me was in a house we were building. Because of that I got to have some input into the look of the room. We picked out pink floral wallpaper and I asked if I could have pink carpet. I was thrilled when my parents actually said yes. I thought I was the luckiest girl.

BBP: What’s your favorite midnight snack?

Jocelyn: Warm cookies with ice cream on top.

BBP: Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

Jocelyn: Hmmm, I like to be a bit early or right on time but unfortunately I’m sometimes a bit late especially with correctly timing how long it takes to get 3 kids loaded up.

Beach or mountains?

Jocelyn: I love them both for different reasons but since the beach has sand that gets into everything I’ll say mountains.

Coffee or tea?

Jocelyn: Definitely tea – iced or hot. I don’t like coffee.

Polka dots or stripes?

Jocelyn: Stripes.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Jocelyn: This summer, our family is actually packing our bags and moving to Scotland!

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