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Tumbling After brings fun to BoomBoom Prints with her bold and bright styles.  Her pieces include inspirational quotes that tell us to “Send Love to the World” and “be brave” as well as endearing designs of raccoons, pandas and more! See what Tumbling After has to say about her creative process, her family, and her childhood:



BBP: Describe your style in 5 words or less!

Clean and modern, with texture.

BBP: What is your creative process like?

Sort of all over the place! Sometimes I start with inspiration, an idea will come to me for something I would like to have in my own home. Or sometimes I sit with my brush pens and write random bits of quotes and words until something speaks to me and I have to make a real design. Once I get to the computer things usually fall into place.

BBP: Do you always work from the same a spot- a studio, a particular desk, etc.- or do you move around?

I have a home office where the nitty-gritty computer work gets done, but idea generation, sketching and lettering are works I take with me everywhere.


BBP: How has your style changed over the years?

I would say my style has gotten more complete. To me that means that when I was a younger designer I would often stop when I ran out of ideas for a piece instead of when the design was finished. I have always played with both minimalism and grunge textures, but I think I’ve started to combine those concepts in a mature way.

BBP: Tell us about the colors you use- how do you choose them, what inspires them?

For me, a piece usually just calls out for a certain color. Like red for example. And from there I often mix colors in my design software or look through color palettes on the web to fine tune my selections.

BBP: Did you always know that you wanted to design for kids and families?

No, I think it wasn’t until I had my own child and I was interested in making art for her that I thought other people might enjoy my designs as well.

BBP: Do you think art is important for kids?  Why?

Art is immensely important for kids! Just looking at art is a freeing and creative process. But I also think there is a need for more creativity in children’s art; not everything need to be pink and blue!

BBP: Tell us about your favorite one of your designs on the site: Which one is it? Why? What inspired it? 

My favorite is the watercolor betta fish. It was a really fun piece to make. Some digital watercolor brushes I had gotten recently inspired it. I needed a project to really understand how they work. I love drawing fish so it just came together.


BBP: Do you have kids? Tell us about them!

I have a 7-year-old daughter. She is my muse and often my art director.

BBP: How did you decorate their nursery?

My mom and I picked out a cherry blossom theme at Babies R Us. It was so cute! And my daughter still uses the lamp in her room today.

BBP: What was the most surprising thing about having children?

How quickly they grow! People always say it, but it’s still surprising!

BBP: any advice for new moms or dads?

Trust yourself and have fun.

Interior with armchair.

BBP: Any pets?

We have a cat named Cici and a toy poodle named Fire.

BBP: Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan.

BBP: What did your room look like growing up?

When I was little my mom made me a 101 Dalmations theme room that was the coolest! It was all primary colors and she painted paw prints on the floor. I remember following the paw prints around the room, it was so fun.

 BBP: Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Iron Man. Because he’s Iron Man.


BBP: What’s your favorite midnight snack?

Ice cream. Although that’s my favorite snack any time.

BBP: Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

I am usually early. I can’t stand to be late so I’m always the first one there!

BBP: Beach or mountains?


BBP: Coffee or tea?



 Modern Raccoon


Be Brave


Send Love to the World


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  1. Great feature! I really love the way her panda design looks on clothing. I also LOVE the beta fish; she really captured the movement!

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