Featured Holiday Artist: Happy Fox Designs


Angela, owner designer of Happy Fox Design, is a freelance illustrator dedicated to creating beautiful prints for your home, office or nursery.  With adorable pictures of animals all bundled up in the snow, Happy Fox Design is undoubtedly inspired by the holidays.  Take a look at Angela’s thoughts about the year-end festivities:


"Christmas Fox" wrapped canvas by featured artist Happy Fox Designs on BoomBoom PrintsBBP: What are your favorite holiday traditions?

HFD: Besides spending time with family, it would have to be helping bake and decorate all the wonderful sweets. It’s not Christmas if my house doesn’t smell like cinnamon and cookies!


BBP: What about the holidays inspires you to make holiday-themed artwork?

HFD: Everything about it really, the general atmosphere and mood of it all.

BBP: Do you find the winter holidays relaxing or stressful?


HFD: I try not to get too stressed out by the holidays, but everything is usually hectic around that time. A hot cup of tea usually helps calm me down.

BBP: Do you like the cold and the snow or do you prefer to stay inside by a fire?

HFD: Definitely stay inside and snuggle by the fire.


BBP: If you do go out, do you like snowmen or snow angels?

HFD: Snowmen!



BBP: How do you like to decorate for the holidays?

HFD: Usually a tree and lights around the house, I tend to stick with a minimal and simplistic look.


BBP: Colored lights on the house or white lights?

HFD: I’m particularly fond of both, but colored lights are so pretty!


BBP: Where did you typically spend your winter holidays as a child?

HFD: My family would usually spend the holidays at our grandparents’ house. We’d help finish decorating the tree, have Christmas dinner then open our presents.


BBP: What was your favorite gift you received as a child?

HFD: I drew constantly as a child, and one Christmas my parents gave me one of those drawing kits, filled with pencils, pastels, and paints and I was so excited. I felt like I was one step closer to becoming a professional artist. And here I am now! I’m grateful my parents were always so supportive of me.


BBP: What is your favorite holiday food? Who usually cooks for the holidays?

HFD: Any type of sweets! My mom makes the most wonderful nutmeg cookies that my sister and I would help decorate (rather horribly I might add) when we were younger.


"Christmas Deer" wrapped canvas by featured holiday artist Happy Fox Design on BoomBoom Prints"Christmas Bear" wrapped canvas by featured holiday artist Happy Fox Design on BoomBoom Prints

"Christmas Moose" wrapped canvas by featured holiday artist Happy Fox Design on BoomBoom Prints






BBP: Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

HFD: Definitely apple pie


BBP: Eggnog 

or hot cocoa?

HFD: Hot cocoa. Yummy!


BBP: Which of your holiday designs on BoomBoom Prints is your favorite?

HFD: I’m quite fond of ‘Christmas Deer’. Deer are one of my favorite animals (next to foxes, hence my shop name). They are particularly goofy looking animals, and the idea of one wearing a scarf makes me giggle.


BBP: Favorite holiday movie or story?

HFD: It’s a Wonderful Life. Somewhat cliché answer, but it’s a classic!


BBP: The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol?

HFD: Christmas Carol


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