Featured Mom Artist: Heather Doyle



BoomBoom Prints artist and mom Heather Doyle shows just why moms are so awesome. Her insight on motherhood is bright, realistic, and incredibly intuitive. Read more to hear about what Heather has so say about being a mom!


Heather: Let’s be real… not everything that kids do is “positive.” A whole box of rice dumped out onto the carpet or the TV screen that was broken by a run-by paint roller accident…those are definitely negative. But for the most part, my kids bring a whole new level of awesomeness to my little creative world. They are goofy, hilarious, sassy, stubborn, demanding, smart, happy, and they can be all of these things all at the same time.

Not only do they keep me inspired but they also like to help! If I can include them in the littlest thing, like giving them a paper and pencil while I sit down to sketch, it makes their entire day just to be able to help in a way that they think is so much bigger than them. It’s a win-win situation and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.46.12 AMBBP: How many kids do you have?

Heather: I have 3. A stepson (11), a stepdaughter (7), and a daughter (4).

BBP: Any advice for new parents?

Heather: Sleep now or forever hold your peace. Oh, and give up on your OCD tendencies. They are not relevant anymore.

BBP: What is the most surprising thing that changed when you had kids?

Heather: Not too much changed but you do switch from the go-out-and-do-whatever-you-want realm to the is-it-really-already-9PM-I-am-so-tired realm.

BBP: If you asked, which of your pieces on BoomBoom Prints do you think your kids would like most?

Heather: The woolly mammoth or the watercolor arrows. They’re all pretty colorful so they probably wouldn’t be able to decide…just like me.

BBP: Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions?Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.46.38 AM

Heather: I don’t have to do a thing around the house, I get to go spend a little time by myself, then we have a lovely Sunday dinner that my super-chef husband creates.

BBP: How did you decorate your kid’s nursery?

Heather: Pink, Green, and lots of monkeys.

You can check out more of Heather’s art on BoomBoom Prints here!




  1. “pink, green and lots of monkeys” – I love that! What a fun interview.
    I LOVE Heather’s Watercolor Arrows!

  2. i love the wooly mammoth. very clever and cute!

  3. Alby Letoy

    I like some of your palette. Especially Faux Watercolor Arrows, Fall Leaves, and Patchwork Alphabet – Girls. They feel sweet :-)

  4. Brooke Siskey

    Love the arrows! So cool!

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