Friday Fresh Picks: September 25, 2015

Many new artists joined the BBP community this week and you will be more than pleased that you chose to give them a glance:


1. Wharton: Very character-focused and full of vibrant colors, BBP artist Wharton brings a lot of personality to BoomBoom Prints.


2.  Adamzworld: It might be a little early to be thinking about Halloweem, by Adamzworld will make you wish it was here!  Who can resist a candy corn with a mustache?


Fox Nerd


Cool Candy Corn

Black Kitten Witch

3. Donna M Condida: Soft and sweet and full of florals!


4. Hello Neens: Bold and bright typography helps confirm this artist as a fun and exciting addition to the BBP world.




  1. Alby Letoy

    Love that Elephant from Wharton :-)

  2. Heather Doyle

    Love seeing Threadless artists making the jump to BBP. Love the elephant!

  3. Great new work! I love seeing the site grow!

  4. Love to see the work from new artists here ! Welcome to BBP !

  5. Love to see the work of new artists here ! Welcome to BBP !

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