Holiday Featured Artist: After February


After February offers a classy and cozy take on the holidays!  From plaid reindeer to simple and clean Christmas tree prints, After February offer something for everyone.  Read about how this creative artist celebrates the snowiest time of year:

700Xx700 - AfterFebruary Logo (2)

BBP: What are your favorite holiday traditions?

After February: Buying new holiday ornaments, organizing holiday decorations that involve my children, listening to Christmas songs, shopping for Christmas gifts, not opening gifts until after dessert on Christmas Eve, building a snowman, and enjoying Starbucks holiday drinks (Starbucks red cups!).



BBP: What about the holidays inspires you to make holiday-themed artwork?

After February: New holiday decorating ideas, Christmas trees and ornaments, holiday gift ideas for the loved ones, neighbors’ outdoor Christmas decorations, snowfall (but only when I get to stay indoors), and most importantly, holiday lights!


BBP: Do you prefer colored lights on the house or white lights?

White lights (they look icy, snowy and just pure beautiful).


"Merry and Bright" framed art print by featured holiday artist After February on BoomBoom PrintsBBP: Do you find the winter holidays relaxing or stressful?

After February: Relaxing! It’s fun shopping for Christmas gifts both online and in-store. Christmas lights on streets, in malls and around the neighborhood are the best!


BBP: How do you like to decorate for the holidays?

After February: Definitely have to have a new Christmas (Disney) ornament and new holiday wall arts. Our Christmas tree décor theme must be snowy!


BBP: Real tree or fake tree?

After February: Fake tree (I’m not so good at taking care of plants).


BBP: Where did you typically spend your winter holidays as a child?

After February: At home with a heater on and a cup of hot cocoa that was made by mom.


BBP: What was your favorite gift you received as a child?"Have Yourself A White Little Christmas" framed art print by featured holiday artist After February on BoomBoom Prints

After February: Holiday theme stuffed animals!


BBP: What is your favorite holiday food? Who usually cooks for the holidays?

After February: Christmas decorated desserts and all things chocolatey! I enjoy eating out on Christmas Eve, so no one has to cook.


"Merry and Bright" iPhone case by featured holiday artist After February on BoomBoom PrintsBBP: Eggnog or hot cocoa?

After February: Hot cocoa (with lots of cream on it).


BBP: Which of your holiday designs on BoomBoom Prints is your favourite?

After February:  “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” – I love everything about red plaid, reindeer and typography!


"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" wrapped canvas print by featured holiday artist After February on BoomBoom PrintsBBP: Do you like the cold and the snow or do you prefer to stay inside by a fire?

After February: I prefer to stay inside and enjoy snow fall through a large window.


BBP: Snowmen or snow angels?

After February: Snowmen (easy enough to build for my children – a four-year old and a two-year old).

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