Holiday Featured Artist: Andi Bird


Andi Bird is  a graphic designer from Sausalito CA
who has as much fun drawing on her computer as she does finger painting and throwing paint on canvas. She has worked in the fashion industry and print industry. A few of her favorite things: wonderful husband, shooting stars, their cranky pants cat named Kitty, good crusty bread and butter, moussaka, a shot (or two) of tequila and- cliché alert warning- rainbows.



BBP: What are your favorite holiday traditions?

We have a pretty low key Christmas at our house since it’s just the 2 of us. We prefer to stay home on Christmas Eve. I make a special holiday dinner and then we open presents.  On Christmas we spend the day with my husband’s mom, brother, his brother’s girlfriend & my dad.


BBP: What about the holidays inspires you to make holiday-themed artwork?

I enjoy designing my own fun and whimsical Christmas cards to send to friends and family. This inspires me to get in the Christmas spirit.


BBP:  Favorite holiday song or album?

The song “I believe in Father Christmas” by Emerson Lake and Palmer.


BBP: Do you find the winter holidays relaxing or stressful?

I find the holidays are more on the relaxing side. I make a shopping list & as early as June I try to be observant and look for fun presents for everyone. I have a bookshelf in my closet exclusively for storing holiday presents.


BBP: Do you like the cold and the snow or do you prefer to stay inside by the fire?

I prefer frolicking in the snow, but living in Sausalito California I am out of luck.


BBP: How do you like to decorate for the holidays?

The decor in our home is usually modern and simple, but at Christmas time those rules are out the window. We lived in Langley BC Canada for many years and before the holidays I would shop at a wonderful hospital thrift store called the Penny Pincher. I found a plethora of fun, funky and old fashioned Christmas items for as little as 10¢. I brought 5 giant bags of holiday items back to California from Canada. During the holidays our house is converted into Holiday-land from the day after Thanksgiving until January 1.


BBP: Real or fake tree?

Multiple faux trees.


BBP: Colored lights on the house or white lights?

White lights. I use white lights all year round on our deck.


BBP: Where did you typically spend your winter holidays as a child?

I grew up in Wilmette and Winnetka Illinois and remember the snowy Christmas season fondly with lots of ice skating, sledding, and taking the train into Chicago to shop at Marshall Fields. I also loved making hand made Christmas ornaments, & Christmas cookies while blasting Led Zeppelin when my parents were not home. (My dad reminds me that I was a handful when I was a kid.)

On Christmas morning I would wake up before my parents & raid my Christmas stocking which would contain a can of macadamia nuts, Frango Mints, and oranges. We usually had a stollen for breakfast and then open presents.


BBP: What was your favorite gift you received as a child?

Being an only child, I have to admit I was spoiled beyond words. One particular Christmas, I remember my mother told me not to expect much in the way of presents. I remember watching my parents opening all of their gifts that morning and being a tad disappointed until my father asked me to get him something in the garage. When I opened the door, I saw a large intaglio printing press topped with a giant red bow. Best Christmas present ever!


What is your favorite holiday food? Who usually cooks for the holidays?

I try to eat super healthy most of the year but it’s “No Rules” at Christmas time. I love Scottish shortbread, Frango Mints, macadamia nuts, caramels, & too much of everything.

I am the cook in the family. I usually make a turkey or pork roast for Christmas and New Year’s (a la Costco), with a better than usual bottle of wine.


Pumpkin Pie or apple pie?

Pumpkin for sure!  I love pumpkin pie but my husband loathes everything pumpkin. The joke in our household is that my husband better be good or he’ll get pumpkin for breakfast lunch and dinner for a week.


Which of your holiday designs on Boom Boom Prints is your favorite?

My favorite holiday design is “Help Me Holiday” because it is weird, wacky, funny and cute.

This design is typical of my state of mind.








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