Holiday Featured Artists


BoomBoom Prints has an awesome selection of holiday styles to deck the halls of your house and deck out your family!  We chose a handful of BBP artists who have holiday designs to find out what about the holidays inspires them and how they celebrate this snowy time of year.  Be sure to read through the interviews below- they cover everything from their holiday decor traditions to their opinions on eggnog!


 treeAndi Bird: “The decor in our home is usually modern and simple, but at Christmas time those rules are out the window. We lived in Langley BC Canada for many years and before the holidays I would shop at a wonderful hospital thrift store called the Penny Pincher. I found a plethora of fun, funky and old fashioned Christmas items for as little as 10¢. I brought 5 giant bags of holiday items back…” Read more



700Xx700 - AfterFebruary Logo (2)bw

After February: ” It’s fun shopping for Christmas gifts both online and in-store. Christmas lights on streets, in malls and around the neighborhood…” Read more





melissa photo (3)

Melissa Held: “Designing artwork for the holidays is fun because there are so many motifs to make use of that are specifically holiday themed. I like that  themes from nature such as snowflakes and animals can be used without any religious significance and can appeal to everyone.  I also love looking through design and…” Read more





Happy Fox Designs“I drew constantly as a child, and one Christmas my parents gave me one of those drawing kits, filled with pencils, pastels, and paints and I was so excited. I felt like I was one step closer to becoming a professional artist. And here I am now! I’m grateful…” Read more




Braceland Vancouver Island (3)Kathy Braceland: “I was born and raised in Canada and as a kid, I had a great time playing in the snow, tobogganing, skating, having snowball fights and building snow things.  Christmas was a bonus on top of all that fun.    I draw holiday cartoons because they make me smile and they bring back floods of pleasurable moments.  I hope it does the same for others and maybe…” Read more


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