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Featured Artist: Isabella by Margariet

BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Blog: Isabella by MargarietMeet BoomBoom Prints artist, Isabella Margariet van der Berg, a Dutch illustrator who is inspired by fairytale books from her youth, by nature, trending themes, folklore. Read more about her kids and her artwork:


BBP: If you had to describe your designs in 5 words or less, what would you say?
Colorful, elegant and magical.


BBP: What would you tell a kid who said they wanted to be an artist?        
Go for it! It’s a perfect way to express yourself!


BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Blog: Isabella by Margariet

BBP: If you use a name for your studio/shop other than your name, what is it and how did it come about?
IsaBella; my studio started at the same my little daughter Isa was born. IsaBella for me stands for powerful yet sweet. IsaBella sparkles, just like my artwork.


BBP: What do you find inspires you most?
The books from my childhood. I had some old fairy tale books, beautifully illustrated by great Dutch artists! These illustrations lead me to other worlds, awesome!


BBP: What do like most about collaborating with BoomBoom Prints? What are your thoughts on the idea of customizable artwork?
I do like the fact that BoomBoom Prints brings artist and families together. This is a perfect way of making unique artwork approachable for anyone!


BBP: Do you have kids?BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Blog: Isabella by Margariet I’ve got two kids, Matteo(6) and Isa (1).  Two completely different personalities, but both an eye for detail, guess they’ve got that from me;) What I like the most about being a parent is that every day is full of new discoveries, new statements and new developments!


BBP: What was the biggest change you saw in your life when you became a parent?
The biggest change of becoming a parent was the big responsibility. I had to find myself again in this new position. Yes, I am a mom now, but still an independent woman!


BBP: What did your room look like while you were growing up?
My room in my childhood was sober.  My parents didn’t have the money to decorate a lot. So maybe that was a perfect breeding ground for me to fantasize!


BBP: Who is your favorite artist and why?

Anton Pieck. He’s a Dutch artist who lived and worked in the last century. His work has a fairy tale-like character. Pieck was responsible for designing almost everything for fairy tale park Efteling in The Netherlands, now one of the major theme parks in Europe. I could live in his work!

BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Blog: Isabella by Margariet


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