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5 Habits of Healthy Moms

Being a mom is a lot of work! The messes, the mistakes, and the worries that come with taking care of growing kids can be overwhelming, and sometimes it takes a minute to remember how special it is to be a mom. No matter how hectic it may be, these 5 habits are key to valuing motherhood and all the sticky messes that come with it:

1. Being able to laugh about anything

Have you ever walked into a room to find your little one doing something disastrous? The healthiest moms know that even a wall full of crayon markings won’t go away with worry. So while you may need to give a scolding to the newly-discovered artist, you might as well take a minute to appreciate the silly situation.

In addition to easing tension, laughter also improves the immune system! According to the Mayo Clinic, neuropeptides that help fight stress are released into the body whenever you let out a chuckle. Consequently, both your health and your sanity will benefit if you find humor in the little stuff and remember not to fret the big stuff.

2. Maintaining a childlike curiosity

Few moments are better than the look of puzzled amazement on a child’s face after seeing your face reappear with a sunny “peekaboo!” This wild curiosity of the unknown has no reason to stop with adulthood, and can even help you relate to your little explorers. While you might be unsure of how to change a diaper or load a stroller as first, learning will be more fun if you remember to treat these tasks as experiences instead of overwhelming duties.

Alongside a personal curiosity, many of the greatest moments of motherhood come when you take time to learn alongside your little one. Every discovery you make together, every mark on paper you share, and every moment you spend teaching each other begins to foster an irreplaceable relationship between you and your child.

3. Balancing motherhood with other responsibilities

Being a mom is a relentless duty: no matter the amount of effort you put in, you often never feel you are doing enough. There are always more messes to clean, more lunches to make, and never enough time to rest it off. Despite the stomach-churning feeling that you need to do more, sometimes you simply need to remember that you are already doing the best you can. By taking steps to remember all the positive contributions you have made to your family, you will be able to better balance your life as a mom with your other roles and priorities.

4. Knowing how to ask for help

Any mom knows that not everything can be done alone. Having a support system is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships with your family, and having someone to talk to is beneficial for any questions you may have. Additionally, the communication from daily conversation can give you a few more minutes to reflect on the incredible nuances of the family you have started, a healthy reminder that can help you appreciate the little troublemakers in your life.

5. Breaking the rules

Lastly, remember not to take yourself too seriously! Sometimes it’s more fun to eat dessert before dinner, get dirty when playing outside, and fill up on junk food. Though these moments shouldn’t happen every night, a little rule-breaking can spice up your night and remind your kids of the importance of having fun. With a family as incredible as yours, why not enjoy it?

BBP Artists: Resizing Images for BoomBoom Prints

Hey Artists! We’ve heard from a number of you that re-sizing images to upload to BoomBoom Prints is a little bit of a challenge. We understand that many of our artists create physical artwork by hand and then upload it, with little-to-no experience with design software.  Don’t worry!  We’ve got you covered.  We are going to walk through exactly how to resize images in Photoshop CS6.  You can download a free trial of this program here if you don’t’ already have it!


Have any other tips or questions?  Share them with your fellow artists in the comments!

The design used in this image is by BBP Artist Elle Karel and is available here: