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Roomboard: Kakel’s Dreamy Nursery

Rock-a-bye your baby beyond the treetops with this dreamy nursery inspired by BBP artist Kakel! The soothing blue artwork paired with the pop of yellow from the crib offer sweet dreams and lovely thoughts for your little one. If you reach for the stars, you just might find the perfect nursery inspiration!


1. Hanging Star Decor – Pottery Barn Kids

2. Set of Three Floating Cloud Wall Shelves – Etsy

3. “Moonlight” 20 x 20 Art Print – Kakel, BoomBoom Prints

4. Organic Peach Cloud Blanket – Etsy

5. Yellow DaVinci Jenny Lind Convertible Crib – Simply Baby Furniture

6. Star Egg Nightlight – Giggle

7. Chevron Flip Printed Rug – Urban Outfitters

8. Yellow-White Stripe Laundry Hamper – Crate & Barrel

To learn more about the Kakel, the featured artist who inspired this roomboard, take a look at her interview with BoomBoom Prints!     

Featured Artist: Kakel


Meet Kakel, this week’s Featured Artist. With bright, colorful illustrations and a wild imagination, the Canadian artist fuses creativity into her designs to create scenes full of magic and mystery. Read more to learn about her adorable dog, her inspiration when designing, and her artistic process:

Describe your style in 5 words or less:

Colorful and joyful.

What is your creative process like?

It is very spontaneous, I go with what I’m feeling and let it all out. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t!

Do you always work from the same a spot- a studio, a particular desk, etc.- or do you move around?

Always at my home desk!

How has your style changed over the years?

I really enjoy creating landscape illustrations but I’m slowly evolving into patterns which is really cool! Colors are always a great part of my work.

Tell us about the colors you use- how do you choose them, what inspires them?

Well, the color palettes I choose are very important – the colors all have to fit in harmony!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.56.45 AMDid you always know that you wanted to design for kids and families?

Not necessarily, I have always loved animations and colourful things so I guess it fits perfectly with kids and families!

Do you think art is important for kids?  Why?

Yes! I have loved drawing and creating since I was able as a child. It’s a great experience creating and letting your imagination speak.

Tell us about your favorite design on the site.

Wildlife is one of my favourites! I really enjoy the color palette I chose and the gentle tonality and zen feeling that is expressed through the illustration.

Do you have kids? 

1621781_669886853109783_6242483501693566057_nNot yet, but I have a little doggie, which will always be my baby! He’s a small Yorkshire.

Where did you grow up?

In a small town in the province of Quebec, Canada.

What was your most prized possession as a kid?

I don’t remember having a prized possession in particular but I did love them stuffed animals!

What did your room look like growing up?

It was a mess, but it was very colourful and filled with little treasures that I would find here and there!

What’s your favorite midnight snack?10733912_666498970115238_5356293720043194_o

Chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite movie?

Up, the animation film (such an amazing movie).

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, my life saver.

Polka dots or stripes?


Bungee jumping or skydiving?

I tried bungee jumping this summer and would like to try skydiving very soon:)



Find more of Kakel’s art here!