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15 Clever DIY Costume Ideas for Kids

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect costume for your little ones. And while you can always purchase costumes that are already completed, do-it-yourself outfits have a special homemade touch that can’t be topped. Keep reading to get inspired by our favorite DIY ideas this year!

1. A pineapple

Go tropical with this simple costume idea from Lines Across! You can transform a plain onesie into a work of art with just a few pieces of felt and some items around the house.

You’ll Need:

  • Yellow onesie
  • White and green felt
  • Elastic
  • Thin cardboard


2. A koala

It just so happens that babies also make adorable koalas!  Click the link above to find the full directions, as well as a template for the koala mask.

You’ll Need:

  • Grey onesie
  • Grey pants with footies
  • Grey hat
  • Black, grey, and white felt
  • Koala mask template (find in link)


3. A hamburger

Mustard is the color of fall! Take the trend in a new direction and even add some ketchup with this hilarious hamburger baby costume from C.R.A.F.T. The instructions suggest the use of a sewing machine, but you can also use hot glue if sewing isn’t your thing.

You’ll Need:

  • Tan, beige, yellow, green, and red felt
  • Stuffing
  • Brown onesie

4. A skunk

Turn your little one into a little stinker for Halloween with this clever idea from Little Homes!

You’ll Need:

  • Black faux fur scrap
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Black shirt
  • Black pants
  • White feather boa
  • Baby cap with ties


5. An old lady

No dentures required! Cruise all through town with this hilarious costume from Costume Works.

You’ll Need:

  • Cane or walker, shortened
  • Baggy dress
  • Cardigan
  • Grey costume beard (for wig)


6. A piñata

Always the life of the party,  you’ll love the festive flair this piñata costume brings on Halloween!

You’ll Need:

  • Pajamas
  • Colorful felt
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbons


7. A peacock

Hoping for something out-of-the-ordinary? Look no further than this DIY peacock attire from Creatively Christy! The costume is equally fun to create as it is for your little one to run around in.

You’ll Need:

  • Colorful onesie
  • Tights
  • Elastic sequin material
  • Peacock feathers
  • Teal feathers

8. A little sunshine

This costume is all smiles! You can guarantee the sun will be shining brightly on halloween if you have a personal ray of sunshine to help.

You’ll Need:

  • Yellow clothing
  • Oversized sweater
  • Elastic
  • Yellow, golden-yellow, and orange felt
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Yellow ric rac


9. Frida Kahlo

Dress your little one like the inspirational painter for a unique take on this year’s Halloween costume!

You’ll Need:

  • Clip-on flowers
  • Colorful earrings
  • Bright scarf
  • Eyeliner pencil
  • Flowered dress
  • elastic


11. An artist

Ooh-la-la! Get creative this year with an artist-styled costume. Complete with an empty paint bucket to hold candy, you’ll love this silly style.

You’ll Need:

  • Smock
  • Paintbrushes
  • Leggings
  • Empty paint bucket
  • Paint


10. A plastic army man

Go beyond the camouflage and recreate a life-sized toy soldier costume for your little guy! He’ll love playing in it long after Halloween ends.

You’ll Need:

  • Cargo pants
  • Spray paint and primer
  • Boots
  • Cardboard
  • Army accessories

12. A bumble bee

This buggy attire will have your little one buzzing with energy all day long! Find the full directions from Ginger Snap Crafts for an easy tutorial.

You’ll Need:

  • Black sweatshirt and pants
  • Bubble wrap
  • Yellow felt
  • Black plastic headband
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Black pompoms


13. A tomato

Bring back the summertime flavor with your very own little tomato. Even better than the garden-grown variety, this costume will bring smiles all around!

You’ll Need:

  • Red oversized sweatshirt
  • Red shirt and pants
  • Green felt
  • Green pipe cleaners



14. The Morton Salt girl

What better icon to imitate than this classic salt trademark? Put together your own yellow dress using the link above, or find one in stores to complete the outfit!

You’ll Need:

  • Yellow dress
  • White tights
  • Yellow shoes
  • Basic umbrella


15. A paintbrush

This artistic outfit is an easy way to get creative in a whole new way. Not only will you feel crafty when putting it together, but your child will get to explore his/her inner painter as well!

You’ll Need:

  • Poster board
  • Broom bristles
  • Styrofoam
  • Foam board
  • Paint
  • Black or blue clothing


Note: In addition to the items listed as necessary for each costume, you may also need scissors, a hot glue gun and/or safety pins. We hope you are inspired to create your kids’ Halloween costumes this year, as well as to get crafty with your ideas!

Do you have any creative costume ideas for kids? What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!


Creative Ways to Hang your Kids’ Art Creations

Looking for a creative way to display your kids’ masterpieces? Check out these fun ideas so you can showcase everything from colorful doodles to finger paintings alongside the rest of your decor!

1. Cork Board Wall

An industrial look, this textured backdrop is the perfect space to pin up all your little one’s latest designs!


2. Old Cabinets

Even old hardware can be completely refurbished into art destinations! All you need are a few decorative touches and you’re good to go.


3. Thrifted Frames

Another inexpensive alternative to framing your art is… using different types of frames! Find a few from your local thrift store to paint and distribute along the wall. Soon your kids will have a gallery space all their own!

4. Clothespins and Twine

Not only is this craft unbelievably simple, but it also looks adorable with your children’s masterpieces attached! Try one strand above your furniture, or a few along an empty wall.


6. Ribbons

Check out this idea from a previous BoomBoom DIY project! Ribbon can be an elegant tool for properly showing off the work of your mini-artists.


5. Clipboards

No matter if you decide to add paint or leave them plain, clipboards can be the perfect touch-up to a simple home. You will also love how easily the designs slide in and out!


7. Wall Decals

Add bright decals for a fun, whimsical change to your wall! Your kids’ art pieces will meld well alongside the equally vibrant framing.



8. Clothes Hangers

Simple and effective, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before! Hangers can showcase all shapes and sizes of art, and they even add an element of eclecticism.


Do you have any unique ways to hang your kids’ homemade designs? Share them in the comments below!

Friday Fresh Picks: September 25, 2015

Many new artists joined the BBP community this week and you will be more than pleased that you chose to give them a glance:


1. Wharton: Very character-focused and full of vibrant colors, BBP artist Wharton brings a lot of personality to BoomBoom Prints.


2.  Adamzworld: It might be a little early to be thinking about Halloweem, by Adamzworld will make you wish it was here!  Who can resist a candy corn with a mustache?


Fox Nerd


Cool Candy Corn

Black Kitten Witch

3. Donna M Condida: Soft and sweet and full of florals!


4. Hello Neens: Bold and bright typography helps confirm this artist as a fun and exciting addition to the BBP world.




11 Fun & Easy Art Ideas for Kids

Creating art with your kids is a great way to get messy while spicing up a lazy afternoon! With activities ranging from prints to puffy paints, there is no limit to how you can have fun with your little ones. Check out our curated list of art projects below for a little inspiration:

1. String Painting:

This idea from Kiwi Crate is even better than finger painting! Try swirling a piece of string around to explore the magic of color and shapes.


2. Pasta Mosaic Art:

Buggy and Buddy offers a clever solution for making kid-friendly mosaics. These colored noodle and clay pieces are great vehicles for cute objects and abstract shapes alike!


3. Leaf Rubbings:

With fall right around the corner, this activity is a great way to show your kids all the unique textures in nature. Wordplayhouse provides a terrific demo for making the leaf-pressing process as easy as possible.


4. Fruit and Vegetable Prints:

Stamping is even more fun when fruit-shaped! Check out Pink Stripey Socks’ tutorial to learn three different ways to press, print, and play.


5. Paper Plate Sea Turtles:

Try using paper plates to make sea turtles, as shown by Crafts on Sea. Besides being adorable, you probably already have all the materials on hand!


6. Magazine Collage Art:

Recycle your magazines in a new way! Using a few sets of scissors and glue, this project from Kids Activities Blog is a great way for you and your little ones to make wacky designs together.


7. Hand Painted Fridge Magnets:

Both small and playful, these adorable canvas magnets from Happy Hooligans will add a bright pop of color to your refrigerator.


8. Microwave Puffy Paint:

It puffs and looks pretty! Consider the possibilities of this unique art experience at Tiny Rotten Peanuts.


9. Shaving Cream Marbling:

Equally fun to touch as it is to scrape off, this project is worth the mess due to stunning end results. Check out the full tutorial on The Artful Parent!


10. Paper Sculptures:

The kids will love curling the paper, and you’ll love hanging the finished products on your walls. Thanks to Art Actually, this project is easy to follow and fun to complete!


11. Floating Chalk Printing:

Talk about a beautiful and unique printing activity! Picklebums has great tips for creating these stunning pieces with your kids.


Whether used as a rainy day activity or to make homemade gifts for family, art projects are a fun way to explore your kids’ creativity. We hope you are inspired to express yourselves with these ideas, as well as to enjoy the messy delight of art together!

Do you have any art projects of your own to try? Let us know in the comments section below!

11 Fun & Easy Art Ideas for Kids

BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Hanna Melin

photo-thumbThis week’s featured artist is Hanna Melin, an amazing artist who was formally trained at the Royal College of Art, London. She creates cute pieces that are modern, minimalistic and great for any room. Read about how her style has changed since throughout the years and her wonderful children below.


BBP: Describe your art in 5 words or less!

Hanna: Engaging, humorous, characterful and decorative everyday!


BBP: Name an artist or person that inspires your art and why!

Hanna: Grayson Perry. I like his fun combined with seriousness.


BBP: Did you go to school for art or are you primarily self-taught?

Hanna: I studied Foundation Art and Design Kent, BA Illustration Brighton, Master of Communication Royal College of Art London.


BBP: When did you start designing/creating?  Was there a particular event that inspired you to pursue it further?

Hanna: I have always been drawing, knitting and making things with my mum and grandmother as early as I can remember.

After moving to the UK I realized you can make a career out of art and started studying.


BBP: How has your style changed since you started?

Hanna: In the beginning it was more free, more inspiration taken from myself and my thoughts and experiences. Now it is more commercial as you have to be when you are working for clients, a bit more strict.

Also after having children, a lot of my personal work is aimed towards kids and their parents. A lot softer and easier approached to life, then in the beginning when a lot of my stuff was rather dark.


BBP: Where is the coolest place you’ve visited?

Hanna: One of my favorite places is Louisiana Art museum, Copenhagen Denmark. It is located by the beach and the architecture is stunning.

I am also a big fan of Portland, Oregon.


BBP: Do you have a particular spot or place where you create most of your art?

Hanna: In my studio in my house. I like working on my own, just listening to music and creating.


BBP: Do you have any children? If so, what are their names and ages?

Hanna: I have two boys, Carl 3.5 and Alfred 10 months.


BBP: If you asked them to describe your art, what would they say about it?

Hanna: A lot of my art I have done with Carl in mind, so he likes all the tractors, boats, ice cream, and monsters.

When asked what I do, he says: “Mum sit in front of the computer…”


BBP: How are their rooms decorated?

Hanna: They are not very “kiddy” like, Carl has two big posters; a spaceship and the evolution of the Dinosaurs, then white walls, and a big bed with a green roof. Alfred has a big poster of a Nutella Jar and curtains with the world map. And all of their toys…


BBP: What are they into these days? A specific toy? A hobby?

Hanna: I have been role playing burglar and police for our whole summer holiday, alternating with Duplo.


BBP: Do you have any pets?

Hanna: Nope


BBP: Growing up, were your parents into or involved in art?

Hanna: No, but my mum encouraged my sister and me to draw and make things with our hands all the time


BBP: What were your favorite hobbies as a kid?

Hanna: Drawing, Clay, embroidery…


BBP: What’s your favorite story to tell about your childhood?

Hanna: My friend and I, I think we were around 5 years old, set up stall on our road selling hare poo we collected in the forest. Not a roaring trade.


BBP: What did your room look like growing up?

Hanna: I was a huge fan of Samantha Fox, an English kind of half naked pop lady, and had my walls wallpapered with her posters. Not many of them with her wearing clothes…But I just thought she was really good!

Pink walls, loved to move my furniture around and rearrange my posters.


BBP: Do you prefer to swim in a pool, ocean, or lake?

Hanna: Ocean

BBP: Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Hanna: Milk Chocolate

BBP: Sunglasses or hats?

Hanna: Hats

BBP: Sweet or savory?

Hanna: Sweet

BBP: Dogs or cats?

Hanna: Dogs





Check out more of her artwork here!

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