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Roomboard: Elisabeth Fredriksson’s Modern Monochrome Room

This week’s modern Roomboard design is inspired by featured artist Elisabeth Fredriksson’s hip prints. Take a look at the spunky color scheme and cozy accessories to start planning a room of your own!


1. “Be You” Framed 16 x 20 Art Print – Elisabeth Fredriksson, BBP

“Find Your Balance” Frames 16 x 20 Art Print – Elisabeth Fredriksson, BBP

2. Hello Love, Infinity Symbol and Ampersand Pillow Covers – Etsy

3. Threshold 6-Cube Horizontal Organizer – Target

4. Arctic Polar Bear Wooden Rocker – Land of Nod

5. Southern Charm Felt Pom Pom Garland – Etsy

6. Black & White SILLERUP Rug – IKEA

7. Ebony DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed – Amazon

Like what you see? Check out our interview with Elisabeth Fredriksson, the artist whose prints inspired this room to learn more!

Featured Artist: Jay Fleck

unnamed-2Meet Jay Fleck, a sophisticated artist with an eye for bold and imaginative design. Whether this week’s featured artist is hanging out with his two kids or his pet Weimaraner named Lily, Jay is most likely taking inspiration from his surroundings to formulate some of his offbeat-yet-smile-inducing prints. Take a look at his interview with BoomBoom Prints to get inspired:

BBP: Describe your style in 5 words or less:

Jay: Bold, colorful, modern and classic.

BBP: What is your creative process like?

Jay: I’m constantly looking for inspiration. I’ll see something­ out shopping, online, in a dream, anywhere at anytime and then I’ll create a rough sketch based on that. From there I go onto the computer and make the magic happen.

BBP: Do you always work from the same a spot­ a studio, a particular desk, etc.­ or do you move around?

Jay: I’m usually at my desk. But I’ve been doing more and more work from my laptop, so pretty much anywhere.

BBP: How has your style changed over the years?

Jay: I think in many ways it’s stayed the same­ the colors, keeping things simple, etc­ none of that has changed. I think now I do more work that is cute and whimsical, though.

BBP: Tell us about the colors you use­ how do you choose them, what inspires them?

Jay: I like blues, aquas and complimentary reds and oranges. They just look good.

BBP: Did you always know that you wanted to design for kids and families?

Jay: Not really­ – at first I wanted to do very simple, geometric illustration work. That felt limiting after awhile, so I tried imparting more character into my work, more personality.

BBP: Do you think art is important for kids? Why?

Jay: Yes, extremely important. Art is about creativity, and creativity is the basis for every great discovery and innovation mankind has ever made. Art is way undervalued in our society.


Jay: I’d have to say “Big Mama”. The elephant is just such a happy “mother” to the chicks, and yet they’re obviously so different. Being a parent is what inspired it.

BBP: Do you have kids? Tell us about them!

Jay: I have a five year old boy, Owen. And a seven year old daughter, Audrey.

­BBP: How did you decorate their nursery?

Jay: I like to keep things fairly minimal. A nice bold paint color on the wall, some shelves (not too many) and just other essential items. You don’t need to use or display every gift and knick­knack that people give to you.

BBP: What was the most surprising thing about having children?

Jay: Honestly there wasn’t much that surprised me. I knew what I was getting into.

BBP: Any advice for new moms or dads?

Jay: Always, always be patient. Every other parent goes through the same things. It’s not just you who thinks your child might be defective.

BBP: Do you have any pets?

Jay: Yep, a 12 year old dog, a Weimaraner named Lily. The sweetest, most loyal dog there ever was.

BBP: Where did you grow up?

Jay: I grew up in a suburb south of Chicago.

BBP: What was your most prized possession as a kid? Tell us about it!

Jay: I was big into action figures. I’d probably say He­Man’s Castle Grayskull­, I have fond memories of it. I still remember receiving it as a gift, and can picture unwrapping it.

BBP: What did your room look like growing up?

Jay: A lot of toys­: Star Wars, GI Joes, He­man, Transformers, all that good stuff that was popular during my childhood.

BBP: Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

Jay: I’m early, always early. I sometimes wait outside parties and events because you never want to be too early.

BBP: Beach or mountains?

Jay: Beach. While I love being outdoors and would be happy in the mountains, I freakin’ love the beach.

BBP: Pencil or pen?

Jay: Pencil. Pen is way too permanent. I’m always going back and updating and refining things.

BBP: Coffee or tea?

Jay: Coffee. Every day starts with coffee.

BBP: Polka dots or stripes?

Jay: Stripes. Polka dots are tacky.



Roomboard: The Lion and the Lark + Buy Modern Baby

BuyModernBaby created this beautiful roomboard using artwork from this week’s featured artist, the Lion and the Lark as the cornerstone!  With the beautiful pieces of Lion and the Lark bringing in soft corals, teals and yellows, this modern nursery embodies the idea of tranquility. The colorful tent adds a bit of whimsy and the chevron rug as a hint of fun!

BuyModernBaby and Lion and the Lark  Nursery Roomboard

for product links, visit BuyModernBaby’s blog here!

Room Board: Hello Maupoo’s “Modern and Cozy” Nursery

This month’s featured artist is Hello Maupoo!  Most of her designs have an modern abstract flare with a variety of colors.  Starting with a couple of her prints in walnut frames, we pulled her colors into the nursery with a brightly-colored rocking chair and lamp.  The look is completed by matching walnut furniture.

I like the dark colors and pops of color of this nursery!  Featuring wall art from BoomBoom Prints


1. Featured BoomBoom Prints Artwork

Modern Nursery Art from BoomBoom Prints

1. “Birds Pyramid” art print by BoomBoom Prints artist Hello Maupoo

2. “Droplets Dropps” art print by BoomBoom Prints artist Hello Maupoo

3. “Waterfall Dropps” art print by BoomBoom Prints artist Hello Maupoo

4. “Doll Dropps”  art print by BoomBoom Prints artist Hello Maupoo


2. Charcoal Throw pillow by BHDecor on Etsy

3. Bookends by Greener by Nature

4.  Stella Floor Lamp by Urban Outfitters

5. Sleepi Crib by Stokke

6. Sophia Houndstooth fabric by TheQuiltedNursery on Etsy

7.  Lazy Day Fabric on HalfMoonQuilts on Etsy

8. Eames Rocking chair on Houzz

9. Camp Bookcase by Pottery Barn Kids

10. “Little Sockosaurus” by TheRemakerie

Featured Artist: Hello Maupoo



Meet Hello Maupoo!  A Los Angeles designer and jewelry maker.  Take a look at what she had to say to BBP:


BBP: When did you decide you first become interested in art? Did you know right away that you wanted to be an artist professionally?

I probably have known since childhood, but making a decision to become a full time artist took some time. Despite my love for art, I shied away from it. For instance, in college I didn’t major in fine arts because I thought it wasn’t serious or practical, though I always made a point of taking studio art class in order to make through the semester.  Only years later have I recognized my denial, how I always came back to art. After undergraduate school I studied graphic design, and worked several years professionally until I was ready to go out on my own. So here I am.


BBP: How did the name “Hello Maupoo” come about?

The name of my shop, Hello Maupoo, comes from my cat, Mau, nicknamed Maupoo.  I was never close to an animal — never understood or thought much about them — until I met Mau. Through her I’ve come to relate to and love animals.  I say Mau represents them all and inspires my designs.


BBP: If you had to describe your designs in 5 words or less, what would you say?

Whimsical, sweet, cute, modern, and simple.


BBP: What do you find inspires you most?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where I get my inspiration. I am visually oriented, and I do seek visually stimulating scenes, online and out there in the world. The internet hosts an explosion of great design and art sites that always inspire and excite me. “Out there” in the real world I enjoy nature, and urban landscapes like L.A. downtown too. Nature gives me that sense of freedom, and Downtown LA draws me in with its enclaves of vibrant street art, artsy shops, the best restaurants, and communities of artists.  Like anybody I am tuned into my environment.  My mind is, I think unconsciously, always absorbing and defining the world.  When I am ready to work, all that comes out through my artistic expression.


BBP: Do you have kids? If so, tell us a bit about them!

I don’t have kids but I do have three furry animals (a cat and two dogs, one being a 10 week puppy) who keep me lighthearted and fun.

BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Blog: Hello Maupoo

BBP: What would you say is the coolest thing about being a professional artist?

My shop gives me a place to be curious and imaginative. Whenever I create designs, I step into to the world of imagination, a place to be completely free and happy.  My hope is to offer a similar experience to my visitors. It’s an online shop, which means you don’t actually get to touch anything, so I’m doing my best to build an environment that brings you in as close as possible. My hope is to offer a piece of happiness and inspiration for the people who enter.


BBP: What do like most about collaborating with BoomBoom Prints? What are your thoughts on the idea of customizable artwork?

I didn’t know about BoomBoom prints until recently. I am excited to collaborate and share my work. I’m also appreciative of the opportunity for exposure and connection with the Boomboom Prints community. Regarding the customization, I say, why not?


BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Blog: Hello Maupoo

BBP: What did your room look like while you were growing up?

My room had holiday themes. I decorated the wall with images for Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all holidays. I enjoyed making them, and to be surrounded by these images added to the festiveness of my space and world.


BBP: Do you find yourself designing in all sorts of locations? Where does the magic happen?

I am often working in my home studio. It’s a studio I share with my husband, cat, and two dogs. It’s a small space but I have all the things I need to start creating.


BBP: What would you tell a kid who said they wanted to be an artist?

Go for it!


BBP: Any other fun facts you’d like to add? 

Yellow makes me happy. I am obsessed with yellow and drawn to anything yellow. Don’t show me anything with yellow because I will want it.


BoomBoom Prints Featured Artist Blog: Hello Maupoo



Be sure to check out HelloMaupoo‘s designs on BoomBoom Prints! Also you can follower Hello Maupoo on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or check out her blog