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Room Board: MeekNest Hawaii’s “Hawaiian Oasis”

It cold and wet in October in Minneapolis, but its warm and…well, I guess it’s still wet… in Hawaii! BoomBoom Prints’ Featured Artist, MeekNest Hawaii is a couple living on the island of Kauai who are constantly inspired by the nature and sunshine they see in their home state.  While incorporating their artwork into our room board this month, we wanted to add the warmth and color they see everyday.  Did we succeed?


The warmth and color of Hawaii incorporated into a tropical nursery, featuring wall art from BoomBoom Prints!



1. Featured BoomBoom Prints Wallart:

Ocean and Sea Nursery Wallart from BoomBoom Prints

 “Let Your Dreams Set Sail” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Tumbling After

“Watercolor Crab” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist MiaoMiao Designs

“Marion the Manatee” ArtPrint by BoomBoom Prints Artist MeekNest Hawaii

“Jasiri the Jellyfish” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist MeekNest Hawaii

“Kissing Seahorses” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Kim Nolan

“Happy Place” Art Print by BoomBoom Prints Artist Leah Flores


2. Sand Fabric by Fabric Brat on Etsy

3. Red Coral Fabric by Brick House Fabrics

4. Solutions by Kids R Us Classic Crib – Natural by Toys R Us

5. Coral Lamp by Emporium Home

6. Beach Photography Pillows by EynePhotography on Etsy

7.  Sea Glass Mobile by The RubbishRevival on Etsy

8. Kids Craft Rocking Chair on Houzz

9. Kids Aqua Woven Cotton Rug on Houzz