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BBP Artist Webinar

BBP Artist Webinar: How to Make Your Art Stand Out

Covering everything from artwork descriptions to your artist profile, we discuss the best ways for you to stand out from the BoomBoom Prints crowd. Take a look:

A few things that are discussed, but easier to remember written out:

Things to think about including in an artwork description:

What is it?

What story does it tell?

What inspired it?

How was it created?

What color is it?

What emotion does it evoke?

Who would buy it?

Where would it go in a house?


Things to considered adding to your artist profile:

Who are you?

How did you get into art?

When did you start creating art?

What do you like to do outside of art?

What inspires you?

Where do you live?

Do you have kids? Pets?

Any fun facts?


BBP Artists: Uploading Walk-Through

Hey artists!  We’ve gotten some questions recently about uploading nursery artwork to the site.  We decided to have “Intern Ben” do a quick walk-through of how the portal works and what to expect.  You may even recognize the sample artist as the BoomBoom Prints’ Community Manager, Eva. She reminds you all to not judge- she’s not a graphic designer by trade :)

The whale image uploaded in the video is made by BBP Artist Anna Burnett and can be purchased here.