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BBP Artist Webinar

BBP Webinar: WordPress 102

A follow up to our “WordPress 101 ” webinar, BBP will bring back WordPress guru, Nels Pederson to talk through the next steps of creating a WordPress site.  Learn about adding content, pages, shortcodes, and more!


BBP Artist Webinar

BBP Webinar: Social Media as a Sales Tool

Find out great strategies for using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites to market your work.


Artist Webinar from BoomBoom Prints

BBP Webinar: Explore The New Artist Portal

Explore the features of the brand new BoomBoom Prints artist portal.  We’ll cover topics including favorites, social share, and artist bio and description.  Find out how to use these features to your advantage to help bring eyes to your artwork!


Artist Webinar from BoomBoom Prints

BBP Webinar: WordPress Website 101

This webinar features Eva and Nels going over some introductory tips and tricks to managing your WordPress. More specifically, they’ll cover buying a URL, adding WordPress to that URL, and adding text and images to your WordPress site.


Artist Webinar from BoomBoom Prints

BBP Artist Webinar: Adjusting Lighting and Cropping on Studio Art

A follow-up to our webinar “studio art to digital art” this webinar features our graphic designer Aleah and will describe how to adjust lighting, color, and cropping issues once studio artwork has been scanned or photographed. She goes over tools like levels, color balance, crop, auto tone, and more! Ensure that your whites are white and your bedroom wall is not part of your upload!


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