BBP Artists: Uploading Walk-Through

Hey artists!  We’ve gotten some questions recently about uploading nursery artwork to the site.  We decided to have “Intern Ben” do a quick walk-through of how the portal works and what to expect.  You may even recognize the sample artist as the BoomBoom Prints’ Community Manager, Eva. She reminds you all to not judge- she’s not a graphic designer by trade :)

The whale image uploaded in the video is made by BBP Artist Anna Burnett and can be purchased here.


  1. powerpaintings

    Before I get totally frustrated for the last time & delete my account, I would like to know HOW you got pictures to upload onto your account. I cannot find any help area & when I go to upload, all I get to do is name the print & describe it. That’s all. No photo will upload. Please help!

    • Eva Dixon

      Hi Powerpaintings,

      Sorry for the troubles! After you enter title and description, click save at the bottom of the page. It will bring you to a new page that has a green “configure” button at the top. All you have to do then is SCROLL DOWN and you will see a variety of “select file” buttons for a couple different file sizes. That’s where you can upload! If you still have troubles, feel free to email

  2. Cindy Hudson

    I tried to upload a picture before I was certain how to do it. It now has a description of the piece and sits there entitled “Identity” and has no photo attached to it. I wish to delete this ENTIRE entry and start over. I’ve decided this piece is not appropriate for this forum. How do I do that? I can’t find a place to take this completely out. Thanks.

    • Eva Dixon

      Hi Cindy- You’ll want to click on the artwork (to get to the page where you would upload files) and click the green configure button at the top of the page. This will take you to a new page that allows you to change the name and description of the artwork. If you scroll down to the bottom there will be a “remove artwork” button and you can click that to remove the entry entirely!

  3. Noble Design

    How do I make my prints customizeable? I have a few that I would like to offer custom colors and personalization for but have no clue how to do that.

    • Eva Dixon

      Right now we aren’t adding customizable prints. We’re hoping to start this again in the future but we don’t have the capability right now!

  4. Catalina Lagos

    Hi, I uploaded some work and I was able to do it with no problem at first (I uploaded png files for shirts and some jpg for cards).. but when trying to upload images for artprints it wouldn’t work. It loaded the image, accepted but then the page reloaded and it was like I had never uploaded it..
    I checked the file size and tried with a smaller one, checked the dimensions and color mode and every thing was ok :(

  5. Hi, I’ve just registered with BoomBoom and am trying to upload my first image but there is no upload button, just Artwork Name, Artwork Description and Categories fields. I tried hitting the “configure” button at the top but there are no “select file” options or buttons for a file sizes when I Scroll Down.

    Can you help me please?

  6. Please ignore last message – sorted now, I was being dull :)

    • Eva | BoomBoom Prints

      Hi Miss Moneypenny,

      So glad you figured it out! Let us know if you have any other questions and we’d be happy to help!

  7. rajesh

    my question is how i can describe my each category art

  8. Diogo

    Is there a page where I can see the sizes (pixels) to upload for each product?

  9. Damaris

    Hi, I already tried uploading for the tshirts, onesies, etc 3000, RGB, png, transparent. Saved as 3000 pixels, picas, inches… I was wondering which is the one? Is it pixels? Was it a glitch? I hope I’m able to upload my art files and thank you.

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