Webinar: Prepping Art for Successful Upload- February 26, 2015

Thanks everyone who signed up and attended our very first Artist Webinar on resizing artwork for successful upload.

Topics covered:

Resizing a vector image 3:23

Saving a vector image with a transparent background 8:41

Resizing a complex image (painting, photograph, etc) 13:43

Saving a complex image with a transparent background 15:07


Questions Answered:

-I keep getting white space on the edges of my image, how do I stop this? 23:07

-Does the PPI/DPI matter? 25:30

-Is there a safe zone/ margin requirements for text? 26:55

Here is the video from the first webinar: Feel free to post questions here or check out our artist forum on this topic as well!



  1. Clauday

    Great webinar!

    My question is how about the people who don’t use photoshop. How can we resize a vector image in CorelDraw?

    Thanks! :)

    • Eva | BoomBoom Prints

      Hi Clauday,

      I’m not super familiar with Coreldraw. I’ve put the question out to our artist community to see if anyone knows. I will also look into this for you and come back with an answer!

  2. Clauday

    Thanks so much!!! :)

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