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Katrina Pete

Katrina Pete

Creating art is a basic need for me. Sometimes I forget to eat when I'm painting. When I get an idea for a painting, it hits me like a waterfall. Thoughts and ideas roll and cascade over one another, and it doesn't matter where I am. I'm driving usually, or on my way to work at the hospital, or taking a shower and have a sudden urge to grab a pencil and sketch out my thoughts. A few years ago, I picked up a set of watercolors and started painting. I haven't used watercolors since I was a kid using the old cake pan sets. I had been using oils and acrylics most of my life, and watercolors allowed me to loosen up my style. I started painting animals since I figured I knew them best. I can draw just about anything, but I wanted to capture the souls of animals in watercolor. I have this grand plan that someday I will sell a ton of my paintings and donate the money to endangered animals, sanctuaries, and service dogs for children and people in need. Selling on etsy has helped me get closer to this plan of mine :-) So, I will keep on keepin' on with my watercolors. And to every artist who suffers from this 'lightning bolt' syndrome compelled with a sudden need to paint, please drive safely, remember to eat, and carry a sketchbook.

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