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Slightly Sprightly

Slightly Sprightly

Hi. My name is Jamie and I am the designer & illustrator behind the shop Slightly Sprightly. I work from my cozy Minnesota home studio and more often than not, my two young boys are playing toys at my feet or “helping” me package orders. I’ve always been a creative and realized it was more than just a casual interest when I reached college. After graduating I was able to put my creativity to work in the corporate world. While I enjoyed my work, I missed the freedom of creating art for the fun of it, letting color and style be dictated by the artwork itself rather than the company’s standards or a client’s request. A baby, followed by a move from Denver to Minnesota, allowed me to stay at home with my oldest son and I was back to creating art on my own terms. After spending many late nights dreaming up prints to bring color and liveliness to my children's nursery walls, I began working on pieces for the rest of our home, for family members, friends and then friends-of-friends. At this point, my husband suggested I begin selling my work. The audacity! I have had more fun and met more delightful people through this business than I ever thought possible. What an amazing thing it is to do work you love and have the opportunity to share it with others. So now, I'm thrilled to share my love of bold, bright and modern design. I enjoy customizing and curating pieces to fit my client’s existing nursery or home décor and specialize in typography and minimalist illustrations.

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