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Mitch Frey

Mitch Frey

I'm a husband, dad and artist living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I was fortunate to grow up here with three older brothers and a forest in the back yard. We built forts, rode bikes and played ball. On the sloppy wet days, I would come inside and draw. Cars, goofy characters and trees were among my favorite subjects. After studying sociology in college, and spending several years working in Mexico, I came to realize that art was an essential part of me that could not be denied. In 1994 I began working as a freelance illustrator. Over the past 20 years, I've been very fortunate to have collaborated with top notch designers for clients of all shapes and sizes. Although I enjoy my work, I find that I don't spend much time drawing just for fun like I did as a kid. That's where Boom Boom comes in. It's a venue where I can just play. In the process, I hope to create uplifting art that appeals to kids and parents alike. I hope that the joy I experience as I create rubs off on you!

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