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Hi, my name is Erin Ashley, and when my two little boys are sleeping – I’m a stay-at-home graphic designer. Three years ago I ventured into making and selling wall art when my first son Zander (aka Zoom Zoom) joined our family. So, with one son and 2 dogs – I began to make and sell wooden leash hook plaques with quirky dog-friendly sayings. Now that my husband Brock and I have welcomed a 2nd little boy to the family, Jax (aka Boonie), and decorated two nurseries – my focus and schedule has changed. (Digital graphic design is much more compatible with 3 am feedings! No more staining and stencilling!) In fact, creating printable nursery art is the perfect combination of all my favourite things: nurturing young children, home décor, and popular culture. As you will see in my collection, each print draws from contemporary trends in home decorating or fashion, then adds a heartfelt message. Obviously the very ‘littles’ aren’t reading yet, but the messages are even more encouraging for ‘mom’ and ‘dad’! I mean, which new parent wouldn’t appreciate the reminder ‘Be Brave’ posted above the change table? And while we probably think encouraging things about our children all the time – the prints are a reminder to actually verbalize them. Especially fun are the quotations drawn from popular culture, including classic children’s literature. As children are introduced to these favorite stories and characters, they’ll be delighted to make connections to the art on their bedroom walls. Best of all, selling my prints online is a way to connect with other young moms around the world.

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