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Alla Gorelik

Alla Gorelik

I love painting the world around me: simple things we all look at and take for granted. I see a lot of beauty and meaning in them. I am the art and graphic designer Alla Gorelik and I was born in Russia. Art is my passion from my childhood. Creativity is my greatest asset. In 1991 I immigrated to Israel. I graduated from art school and I learned fashion and graphic design in college. I paint and create original oil paintings of ‘still life’ and many ‘landscape' paintings which are based on amazing views in Israel which I love. I get inspiration from the views and places all over the world where you can see a combination of nature with urban views. In my paintings I have tried to create a feeling of the beauty that I see all around me.I teach myself through reading, meditation, observation and practice. I don't have any one subject that I paint and I doubt I will ever settle down and just paint animals, or sea, or flowers or buildings or whatever. There's too much out there to paint to commit to just one subject. I`m in love with oil finding a versatility and depth of color not found with any other medium. I would love for you to see my page and get an impression of my work.

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