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Hi there! I'm Lauren, an award-winning graphic designer and interior creative. Design is my passion. Great design evokes high emotions, even if we don't know it. It's in everything we do, every day, every second. From our phones, to our homes, to the shampoo we choose. I like to say that Design is flirtation: if it looks good, it usually gets picked up. I've excelled in the industry for over 15 years. In 1996, I began my professional design career at Output Technologies in Kansas City, then worked for the University of Kansas (KU), where I was lead designer for Union's marketing department. In 2005, I launched my own design company ( in Lawrence, Kansas, and today, I reside just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. I love to create and inspire. In addition to my graphic design company, I've expanded my brand into the world of interior design: with home décor products, canvas art, and giclée prints (see my personalized children's prints at laurenmaryPRINTS on etsy)! All my work is inspired by my New Jersey childhood, European adolescence, and Kansas heritage. My husband, Coy, and I, are both alumni of KU (Rock Chalk!) Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Lauren

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