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The Lion & The Lark

The Lion & The Lark

The Lion & The Lark is a collection of colorful, fun, imaginative, and inspirational art. My father is a wonderful artist and my love for art and design started when I was young, borrowing his art books, tracing figures of people and animals, and trying to freehand my own. From elementary school on, there were many times that my notebooks were filled with more drawings and handwriting styles than actual educational notes(my mom and I still joke about the stress this caused her!). Over the last four years I have been designing wedding invitations and stationary, wall art, birthday and baby shower invites, and much more for both myself and for friends and family. New ideas for prints and design are constantly popping into my head(sometimes in the middle of the night) and I am so happy to be able to share them here. I think that colors, textures, patterns, and inspirational words have the power to uplift our spirits and breath life into the spaces we live in. I encourage you to take a look around, and hopefully you will find something you love! -Laura The Lion & The Lark

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