9 Art Prints for Kids from BoomBoom Prints

9 Prints For Your Blue Nursery

Don’t be blue! These 9 beautiful blue prints featuring BoomBoom Prints artists are sure to liven up your nursery decor. From robots to whales, there’ll be smiles all around! 

"Robot Buddy 1" by The Ink House, BoomBoom Prints

 “Robot Buddy 1″ is a joyful and smiling little machine from the future, designed by The Ink House. Wouldn’t the colors in this piece make a great room theme?


"Hipster Deer" by Sammiey Olsen, BoomBoom Prints

Quirk it up with this sassy “Hipster Deer” print by Sammiey Olsen. His glorious ‘stache and spunky specs bring tons of attitude to any household!


"Whale Mom and Baby by Elephant Trunk Studio, BoomBoom Prints

So much texture and color! “Whale Mom and Baby” by Elephant Trunk Studio illustrates family love with two friendly-looking whales.


Enjoy the Moment by Freeminds, BoomBoom Prints

Great words of advice from BBP artist Freeminds! This would be a great addition to any space. Maybe above a changing table- where we often forget to “Enjoy the Moment”.


"1 Make a Wish - 2 Close your eyes - 3 Blow" by Patrizia Ambrosini, BoomBoom Prints

Rich in color, this print “Make a Wish” by Patrizia Ambrosini brings majestic blue tones into your little one’s space.


"A Sea of Love Blue" by Timone, BoomBoom Prints

 Love is in the air and the sea with this “A Sea of Love Blue” print by artist Timone.


"ABC Poster for Boys" by Hanna Melin, BoomBoom Prints

This cute blue-themed “ABC Poster for Boys” by Hanna Melin combines letters and transportation into a fun collage.


"Starmaker" by Terry Fan, BoomBoom PrintsSpraying the night sky with a fountain of stars, the little whale in the piece, “Starmaker” by Terry Fan, looks like he could be the start of a children’s bedtime story.


Playful and cute, these “Puppies on a blue background” by Melissa Held add energy to any room!


  1. Oh Freeminds! New fave artist!

  2. Thanks for the feature! I love all these works!

  3. Love the “Enjoy the Moment” elephant!

  4. alby letoy

    “ABC Poster for Boys” by Hanna Melin is my favorite :-) and I personally like blue color. Great work!

  5. I’m a huge fan of Terry Fan! Theres something so warm and fuzzy about the star spouting whale.

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