9 Art Prints for Kids from BoomBoom Prints

9 Prints For Your Pink Nursery

Planning the perfect pink nursery? We can help! Check out these 9 delightful designs by BoomBoom Prints artists and get decorating! 

"Pink Heart" by Aldari Art, BoomBoom Prints

A simple but sweet print, this “Pink Heart” by Aldari Art will be a bold statement of love in your little one’s nursery.


"Pink Mountains" by Rose Bud Studio, BoomBoom Prints

“Pink Mountains” by Rose Bud Studio puts a fresh twist on mountain landscapes using a warm color palette of pinks and oranges.


"The Wonderful Whale" by Haidi Shabrina, BoomBoom Prints

The watercolor print “Wonderful Whale” by Haidi Shabrina is sure to brighten your walls with pink character.


"Pink Whooooos There Owl" by Kayla Pekkala, BoomBoom Prints

We’ve been loving the owl nursery trend lately! This print “Pink Whooooos There Owl” by artist Kayla Pekkala will add a modern twist to your decor.


"Amsterdam Pink" by IsaBella, BoomBoom Prints

Artist IsaBella showcases beautiful houses and bridges in the print “Amsterdam Pink”, also available in blue here.


"Blossom Bird" by Terry Fan, BoomBoom Prints

This playful print “Blossom Bird” by artist Terry Fan will add beautiful pink aesthetics to a nature-inspired nursery.


"Pink Giraffe" by Michelle Dujardin, BoomBoom Prints

Artist Michelle Dujardin uses an assortment of pretty pinks in her “Pink Giraffe” print.


"Pink Flamingo Stella" by Amber McDowell, BoomBoom Prints

A modern mixed media print, “Pink Flamingo Stella” by artist Amber McDowell is sure to be a statement piece on your nursery wall.


"Pink Arrows" by The Lion and The Lark, BoomBoom Prints

This print “Pink Arrows” by The Lion & The Lark is perfect for an outdoor-inspired nursery.


Have any other favorite pink prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

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