BBP Artists: Resizing Images for BoomBoom Prints

Hey Artists! We’ve heard from a number of you that re-sizing images to upload to BoomBoom Prints is a little bit of a challenge. We understand that many of our artists create physical artwork by hand and then upload it, with little-to-no experience with design software.  Don’t worry!  We’ve got you covered.  We are going to walk through exactly how to resize images in Photoshop CS6.  You can download a free trial of this program here if you don’t’ already have it!


Have any other tips or questions?  Share them with your fellow artists in the comments!

The design used in this image is by BBP Artist Elle Karel and is available here:


  1. Elizabeth Truglio

    In order to resize artwork, I clicked to download photoshopCS6 as shown above but photoshop sent me to Photoshop CC, no Photoshop CS6 on menu, I’m totally new to photoshop, can’t get photoshop cc to open.I can’t even get a tutorial about getting started to open. What do I do?

    • BoomBoom Prints

      Hi Elizabeth- sorry for the issues! Adobe may have discontinued CS6 now and may only off Photoshop CC. They are very similar and the tutorial should work for both. Please email us at it will be much easier for us to answer your questions that way!

  2. Kylie Taylor

    What is the file size requirement for upload?? I cannot upload anything becuase it say my file size is incorrect. I’ll gladly resize when I know what size it needs to be

  3. Hi! I do not have Photoshop on my Microsoft Vista,however, I do have the program Adobe Photo Deluxe software that i could download if it would meet your requirements for resizing. I am anxious to get statrted but My resizing attenpts have failed using Paint. I have numerous copyrighted golf art That i produced over the years along with other art and illustrations from books that I have published. I had two very successful websites in the late ’90and early 2000’s which were acclaimed Best on the Web in a book titled Golf on the Web by two Golf Digest magazine editors.I pam presently contemplating another site but was impressed with your BoomBoom business model and that is why I am here now. My question is, however, why don’t you just take uploads of JPEGs and size them yourself .This would surely expedite the whole process. I assume your resizing has to do with proportional sizing by pixel density.I.E.,My first picture to be uploaded is from an oil painting on canvas 16″ X 20″ which was flat scanned to disc and is now in JPEG fom on my computer.My understanding of what you looking for to produce a print of my painting is a 4X5 proportion of 5000 horizontal pixels X 4800 since the 20 ” is horizontal and the 4800 the vertical dimension. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks ,John Feltman

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