Carla Martell’s Colorful Critters Bathroom Roomboard

With a few colorful critters, including Carla Martell’s Sweet Sailor Cat, this kids bathroom is guaranteed to help alleviate bathtime tears and  bedtime blues.  We had a hard time deciding between Carla’s cart and her other, very adorable alligator piece.  In the end, the cat won out only because of the bath-like boat and the tiny heart flag!


Carla Martell's Colorful Critters kids bathroom

1.  Automatic Soap Dispenser from Homedics

2. Center Drian Free Standing Bathtub from HomeDepot

3. Give A Hoot shower curtain from Kohls

4. Animal Bath Wrap from Potterybarn Kids

5. “Sweet Sailor Cat” by BBP Artist Carla Martell

6. Pedestal Sink from HomeDepot

7. Round Bowl Toilet from Plumberstock

8. Kids Step stool from Amazon

9. Bambini bathrug from Target

10. Brights apartment hamper from Bed, Bath, and Beyond



Interested in the wonderful works for Carla Martell? Visit her interview here!

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  1. Heather Doyle

    I can not get over the cat in the boat lol

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