Featured Artist: Fairytale Ink

Fairytale Ink Featured Artist on BoomBoom Prints

Fairytale Ink, also known as Jenni, is Finnish graphic designer who creates bright, bold and colorful characters!  Here’s what she had to say to us:

BBP: If you had to describe your designs in 5 words or less, what would you say?
Fairytale Ink: Fun, colorful, playful

BBP: What would you tell a kid who said they wanted to be an artist?
Fairytale Ink: You should follow your dream. Sometimes its hard but its worth it!

BBP: What is the story behind Fairytale Ink?
Fairytale Ink: One day in school and since then it has traveled with me!  It just seemed to fit and nothing else has  feel right since.

BBP: What do you find inspires you most?
Fairytale Ink: Music, nature, and the people around me.

BBP: What do like most about collaborating with BoomBoom Prints? What are your thoughts on the idea of customizable artwork?

Chicken in a Pocket onesie Fairytale Ink: Ingenious. It seems that nowadays everyone is from the same mold, so it is good to have a way to stand out from the crowd. And it gives novice artists  away to easily test their wings!

BBP: Is your workspace a specific nook designed to spark your creativity? Do you find yourself designing in all sorts of locations? Where does the magic happen?
Fairytale Ink: I don’t have a specific favorite place to design, really.  I just always have a notepad and pen with me.

BBP: When did you decide you first become interested in art? Did you know right away that you wanted to be an artist professionally?
Fairytale Ink: It happened when I was 15 years old when I realized “Maybe I can draw…” I guess I had always drawn, but as a teenager I started to believe in myself.

BBP: What would you say is the coolest thing about being a professional artist?
Fairytale Ink: Freedom and self-expression

Deer Nursery Print by Fairytale Ink on BoomBoom PrintsBBP: What did your room look like while you were growing up?
Fairytale Ink: A mix of a little bit of a bunch of styles. And I had one wall, where I could  draw and paint. The wall’s design changed many times!

BBP: Who is your favorite artist and why?
Fairytale Ink: James Jean, I love his illustration style and content of his art. It is so versatile.

BBP: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Fairytale Ink: Nougat

BBP: What are 5 things you can’t live without?
Fairytale Ink: iPhone, headphones, pen, paper, animationbook

Alice and the Gang Nursery Print

“Alice and the Gang”

BBP: Which of your designs is your favorite and why?
Fairytale Ink: “Alice and the Gang“. I love all the characters and they all have a story behind them.

BBP: If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Fairytale Ink:  Teleportation, I would want to be able to go anywhere at any time

BBP: Where is the most inspiring place you’ve visited?
Fairytale Ink: Switzerland and the Alps

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