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Featured Artist: Tiffany Everett

photo-thumbTiffany Everett, this week’s featured artist, shows off her wonderful technique by creating art that displays both childlike imagination and adorable execution! Her shop contains wonderful animal and adventure-based artwork that appeals to the kid in everyone. Keep reading to learn more:

BBP: How would you describe your art in 5 words?

Tiffany: Cute, Cuddly, Colorful, Playful, Emotive.

BBP: What inspires you to make art? How do you get motivated?

Tiffany: I like to bike to my local coffee shop & sketch.  I work from home, so I think it helps to have a change of scenery and a fresh cup of coffee.

BBP: Do you have one creative process for making your art or does it change?

Tiffany: I start with a rough sketch in my notebook, scan it in and the rest of my process is entirely digital.  I like the flexibility I have to change colors or resize different elements.  I especially like the ability to undo part of a design if I don’t like it, I often find myself wishing I could use the “undo” command in real life.

BBP: Do you have a special time of day when you work best?

Tiffany: I am most definitely a morning person.  After lunch, I am pretty much useless.

BBP: How has your art style evolved over time?

Tiffany: I used to work entirely traditionally with watercolor, pen and colored pencils.  I still have a tremendous amount of love and respect for hand-painted artwork but have found that working digitally better suits my drawing style .

BBP: What is your favorite part about being an artist?

Tiffany: My job is to make cute things all day, what’s not to love?

BBP: What is the hardest thing about being an artist?

Tiffany: Working for myself, I find that time management is the hardest part of my job.  You have to be honest with yourself and extremely self-disciplined to get anything done.

BBP: What art supply, program, etc., is indispensable to your process?

Tiffany: Adobe illustrator.

BBP: Do you have kids?

Tiffany: Just dogs.  Frankie is my 6 year old Cocker Spaniel and Tuco is a 3 year old rescue mix.  We think he is Sharpei, Labrador, and Pit Bull.  I sneak them into several of my children’s picture book illustrations when possible.

BBP: Who was your biggest role model when you were little?

Tiffany: My uncle Matthew was my biggest role model when I was little.  As a teenager, he was always drawing Superman and busty damsels in distress.  I would watch him draw for hours on end and after my persistent begging, he finally gave in and taught me how to draw a unicorn which started my own love for art and drawing.

BBP: Did you draw/design as a kid or did you start as an adult?

Tiffany: I was constantly doodling in all of my classes as a kid.  My classmates often asked me to draw them or their pets.  I was very shy but I secretly loved the attention.  I entered and placed in a few art shows early in school and started to realize I was pretty good at this.

BBP: How would you advise parents who want to encourage their kids to appreciate/enjoy art?

Tiffany: Encourage your kids to draw and paint in a way that comes naturally to them. Be expressive! Color the sky pink and the grass blue.  Photorealism is a technically acquired skill that anyone can learn and is honestly quite boring.  As a children’s book illustrator, I wish I could get back to that child-like imagination and freedom when creating my own art.

BBP: How was your room decorated as a kid?

Tiffany: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I was a bit of a tomboy and wouldn’t touch the color pink, plus TMNT were my one of my Uncle Matthew’s favorites.

BBP: Which piece is your favorite on BoomBoom Prints? Why?

Tiffany: I think my favorite piece I have up on BoomBoom is my Monster AlphabetI like the playful shapes the little monsters create and their silly faces.

BBP: Do you have a favorite quote or saying? What is it?

Tiffany: Do more of what makes you happy.

BBP: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Tiffany: I am just 25 but I have moved 19 times.  My family isn’t military, I guess we just get bored easily and it has transferred into my adult life.  One day, my husband and I plan to live in an RV full time.

BBP: Summer or winter?

Tiffany: Winter.

BBP: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Tiffany: Mint Chocolate Chip.

BBP: Warm or cool colors?

Tiffany: Warm.

BBP: Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Tiffany: Early bird.

BBP: Sweet or salty food?

Tiffany: Sweet.

BBP: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Tiffany: Gum smacking.

BBP: Dream vacation spot?

Tiffany: The Isle of Skye.

BBP: Can you wiggle your ears?

Tiffany: Nope.






Check out more of Tiffany Everett’s artwork here!


  1. Amazing artist!!! I’m fan! :) Congrats for your lovely interview!

  2. Super cute style! Love the alphabet <3

  3. Love the monster alphabet!

  4. Alby Letoy

    I like your color palette on Monster Alphabet :-)

  5. April Everett

    what an amazing talent you are, my dear!

  6. Wow! What cute art and I really enjoyed reading about your process. Your work is very inspiring! :-)

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