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Featured Dad Artist: Richard Rabassa

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Not only is Richard Rabassa a talented BoomBoom Prints artist, but he is also a dad to three adorable kids. His insight on fatherhood is filled with beautiful moments of happiness, showing exactly why dads are so incredible. Read on to learn about his life with children, his proudest moments, and more!

I have 3 kids who are currently 3, 4 and 6 years old, so for a while there I was changing diapers every 15 minutes. Their names are Harrison, Zoë, and Nicolas.

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My kids inspire me by letting me see the world through their eyes. They have no preconceived notions of anything. Everything is fresh, new, exciting and ultimately something to be taken apart. When it comes to art, they don’t hold back. They all have distinct opinions and favorite color. Everything I create needs to be in Blue, Green and Pink…

As for balance, still trying to figure that one out but I do my best.

BBP: Of all your art, which pieces are your kids’ favorites?

The boys both love the “Flying Pig” illustration. Zoe’s favorite is “The Dance Class” illustration which hangs over her bed.

BBP: How did you decorate your children’s rooms?

When my wife and I decided to start a family, I wanted to create fun imagery for them. I had just started teaching myself how to create imagery using 3D software.With so many popular 3D animated kids films out, I thought I’d try my hand at some illustrations. I started with one robot, then another and another. As each of our children were born, I created new illustrations for them – mainly robots and animals.

Richard Rabassa 1

BBP: What is your proudest moment as a dad?

When my daughter started art directing me at age 3. Her critiques usually revolve around the color pink.

BBP: What is your favorite way to spend time with your kids?

Creating with them. We often sit at the kitchen table and color. We create anything from drawings to hang in their rooms to pirate hats and Lucha Libre wrestling masks. These come in handy for our daily wrestling matches on the sofa.

BBP: How does art influence your life as a dad?

Art is a creative and passionate expression of ideas and emotions. It finds it’s wait into young minds from an early age, usually in the form of masterpieces on the bedroom walls and furniture. As a Dad, I’ve been able to draw upon my right-brain thinking to creatively problem solve things like splitting a cookie evenly, containing a toxic diaper, and getting cookie dough out of an Xbox.

I think art transforms an ordinary life into an extraordinary one, whether you are a mechanic, a president or stay-at-home dad.Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.38.11 AM


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  1. “art transforms an ordinary life into an extraordinary one” — love that! wonderful illustrations, Richard!

  2. I just love Rabassa’s illustrations! And now I know some part of his inspiration: his children!
    They are lovely! So lovely family!!
    And lovely and funny works!!! My favourite is that vintage octopus! I just love that!

  3. Amaya

    Rich is such a talented artist and I always look forward to his latest works. He definitely has a charisma that translates through his work, and is a great support to other artists and helps them through their creative process. Keep up the awesome work Richard!

  4. I’m a HUGE fan of Rabassa’s Illustrations! Fun and brilliant pieces! :)

  5. Lovely style Richard and your family is super adorable!

  6. thomas Dee

    I have known Richard for many years. He is a fine human being, and besides his passion and talent, he is a person with a lot of integrity.

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