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    Chris Ambrose

    Hello, I haven’t visited the site for some time and noticed that the artist challenge hasn’t been updated since 2015 and there aren’t many posts on the forums. I also haven’t sold anything, but I realize I need to do more marketing on my part. Just wondering how successful any other artists have been here with selling their prints. I do love this site though…so easy to navigate!

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    Janet Carlson

    Same situation here. My artwork is selling everywhere but on Boom Boom Prints. It is taking several weeks now before my uploads become approved. My suspicion is that the problem is marketing. I recommended that they contact Hooked on to explore the marketing expertise of my co-worker France Jubinville, but there was no response. I really do like the Boom Boom Prints site, the caliber of the artists, the easy upload and the price structure… But honestly if nothing is selling year after year, it becomes a concern where I will have to re-evaluate my time spent in sizing all the artwork and uploading for no return. I came here today to see whether I could join the artist forum or participate in an artist challenge, or what ever I might find to promote my work.

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