Nursery Inpiration and Ideas Room Board from BoomBoom Prints

Roomboard: Tiffany Everett’s “Puppy Reminders Bathroom”

This Roomboard is based around Tiffany Everett‘s French Bulldog puppy prints that remind your family of some of those “good habits” they keep hearing you talk about.  The rest of the bathroom compliments these pieces with a a bold color palette and fun accents.  The toy-organizing shark is one our favorites!


Kids Bathroom Style Board from BoomBoom Prints

1. “Take a Bath” Art Print – Tiffany Everett, BoomBoom Prints

2. “Brush Your Teeth” Art Print – Tiffany Everett, BoomBoom Prints

3. “Wash Your Hands” Art Print – Tiffany Everett, BoomBoom Prints

4. All Saints Mirror – All Modern

5. Grand Slipper Tub – Plumbing Depot

6. Junior Pedestal Sink Basin – Home Depot

7. Forsiktig, Children’s Stool – Ikea

8. Cotton Tufted Bath Rug – Garnet Hill

9. Raskog, Utility Cart – Ikea

10. Shark Bath Storage  – 3 Sprouts

11. Chevron Shower Curtain – Target

12. Squeeze ‘N Squeak Ducks – Bed Bath & Beyond




  1. So cool and educational ! That’s a funny and cute way for children’s learning.

  2. love that ikea cart!

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